Friday, October 15, 2021


When it comes to inexperience... all you had to do was look at the Yankees coaching staff and laugh.  No one really had experience in the Major Leagues except maybe Marcus Thames and Phil Nevin. I've been screaming about this for months at BYB. The coaching staff is awful.  In fact, I would suggest that the manager was the more inexperienced than Phil Nevin too! Boone is a baffoon, a puppet, put there to torture Yankee fans who pay their hard earned money to go see their team win.  And yes, they did win, sometimes... when there was usually a 10 game losing streak attached to it.

Streaky teams have a hard time being consistent and that was their downfall. And yes you can blame the players to some extent, but you need leadership and the Yankees didn't have that. They had a bunch of college coaches who became fan boys in the process.  We don't need that. We need solid coaches.

The New York Daily News writes that things are starting to change... thank God!

"Over a week after the Bombers were booted from the postseason by the Red Sox, the team informed hitting coaches Marcus Thames and P.J. Pilittere along with third base coach Phil Nevin that they would not have their contracts renewed for 2022, sources confirmed Thursday.

There is still no decision on Aaron Boone, the team’s manager for the past four years, whose contract will officially expire after the World Series."

Then this came out of nowhere from Kristie Ackert, same article:

"So what does shuffling the coaching staff mean? More importantly, what will it actually accomplish? This is just two years after they made what they thought were significant changes, firing long-time pitching coach Larry Rothschild and Josh Bard as bench coach and rebuilding their strength, conditioning and training staff. How big of a difference has that made?"

And so the question to harp on is "What will it accomplish?" Well for one, the Yankee front office has to do a deep dive to look for guys that actually know what their doing.  And if they can actually vet guys this time and maybe find a rythmn... IT WILL ACCOMPLISH ALOT.

You see, the Yankees look good on paper. But mismanagment, sitting guys "cause they need a rest" is no way to coach a team.  Sitting players for sucking is important. Tell that to Joey Gallo.  We are the Yankees. We play to win, that's our legacy and so fans aren't in the business of watching inexperience help navigate a team.  And so, one example of Bard for Rothschild is probably a pretty ridiculous one Ackert... relax. Fans know what we want. I mean look at these coaches that we currently have excluding Marcus Thames and Phil Nevin: 

                                                                          (Photo: Matt Blake)

PJ Pilittere (played baseball at California State, minor leaguer) 
Carlos Mendoza (played minor league baseball for 13 years) 
Matt Blake (pitching coachin the Cape Cod league, moved to pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians), Reggie Willits (played for the Anegels, 2006 to 2011) 
Tanner Swanson (minor league catching coordinator with the Twins).  

Does anyone realize how embarassing this is? They look more like a boy band than an actual EXPERIENCED MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL COACHING STAFF.  And Boone the clown at the top? Give me a break.

I am glad Yankee bodies fell yesterday... but I want them all to fall.  Sadly, I have a sneaking suspicion that Boone will stay, but he shouldn't.

Give us experience.  Try and bring in a David Cone.  Try and bring in a Paul O'Neill. Try and bring in anyone that knows this game and all it offers and look for the win, not a streak.  I am telling you... you find the right leadership and we will right this Yankee ship.

But right now it's sinking and I can't stand it.

I leave you with this. I received a note from the Yankees trying to get me to get my 2022 ticket package. I hid the person's name because I don't want to embarass that person. They are just trying to do their job. Anyway, here's the exchange...

They never emailed me back. Oh well.

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