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How are you enjoying the World Series? Are you rooting for the Braves? Not a fan, but the Yankees did sweep the Braves the last time they made it to the Fall Classic—way back in 1999. That was when the Yankees were consistently good, like dynasty good. But that was a long time ago. We had a great shortstop back then and since Derek Jeter retired, we haven't had consistency in that position. Sure the Yankees had Didi Gregorius and I liked him, but we let him test out free agency, so perhaps the Yankees didn't like him that much. Which leaves us where we are right now. Without a consistent middle infielder who offensively and defensively adds value to the team. And that's where we begin the rumor mill story.

Corey Seager: a hot bat in Los Angeles, the 27-year-old is a free agent and is among a number of shortstops available this off-season. According to ESPN's Jeff Passan per The Michael Kay Show, Seager could be a Yankee come 2022. "The former NL Rookie of the Year, two-time All-Star and World Series Champion has a career .297 batting average with 104 home runs, 364 RBI and a .870 OPS. However, an argument could be made that his defense isn’t always there and for a team who just watched Gleyber Torres struggle mightily defensively all season until ultimately getting moved to second base, perhaps the Yankees will elect to value defense at that position more than offense," reports Yahoo Sports. We need defense—next candidate. 

Carlos Correa: Now don't shoot the messager. I am not a fan either. But he is a premier shortshop and could bring a lot of power to the position.  But the New York Post is spot on here—"If not for the scandal, Correa would look like a potentially terrific fit for the Yankees. He clearly embraces the big stage, as exemplified by the postseason numbers — a .273/.346/.522 slash line and 18 home runs — that he brought into Tuesday night’s Game 1 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park." If Correa was the Yankees' only option this winter, then maybe you overlook 2017, but he's not—next candidate.

Marcus Semien: Toronto Blue Jay's second baseman can also play shortstop and could be a fit for the Yankees given his incredible 2021 season. "He’s coming off a breakout campaign, posting a .265/.334/.538 slash line and a career-high 45 home runs and 102 RBIs, making his first All-Star team in the process," reported ESPN Seattle. But he could get some interest from the Mariners, and he is from the Bay Area, so there will be competition. Yet what better Divison to play in than the AL East and what better team than the Yankees. 

Source: NY Post

Let's not forget the Yankees can home grow their shortstop too. As the Post reminds us, the Yankees could go with who they have in "Gio Urshela, Andrew Velazquez and Tyler Wade out of respect for those youngsters and divert more resources to their pitching staff or first base." But, then we are back where we started. Unless Velazquez or Wade can morph into a Jeter?

Look the Yankees can't fix everything but they have to make some moves to offset this multiyear slump without a World Series bid. 1999 feels like a lifetime ago. The dominance of the Yankees back then was fierce and deep. I want that again. You want that again. So, let's go Yankees—assemble that team, and if that means getting a shortstop, then there are plenty to choose from—so get after it!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Senior Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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