Sunday, August 1, 2021


Trevor Story was supposed to be a New York Yankee... but I guess the Colorado Rockies just didn't want to give him up. Because of that, he's still a Rockie and now he's sounding off about it.

The Denver Post writes:

"* Make no mistake about it, Trevor Story is angry that he didn’t get traded. Story is the ultimate good soldier and team player, so when he said, “I’m confused and I don’t have really anything good to say about the situation and how it unfolded,” that was a red flag about the state of the organization.

* Interim general manager Bill Schmidt insisted that he kept Story in the loop, telling the shortstop all along there was a chance that he would still be with the Rockies the rest of the season.

“The disappointment? I understand that, but I think Trevor’s a very good professional,” Schmidt said. “He’ll move on. He’ll play through it. We’ll go on and address it in the offseason.”

But is that realistic with a guy like Story? I know he's in a contract with the Rockies, but booting a few balls because you're pissed at a Rockies front office has to be in the cards here. I'm not saying Story is spiteful, I'm saying Story needs to send a message.

More from the Post:

"* Schmidt is taking a lot of heat for Colorado’s decision to hang onto Story and not work a deal to gain prospects. Schmidt, however, was in a tough situation. His predecessor, Jeff Bridich, should have traded Story before the season started. Maybe he wanted to, maybe owner Dick Monfort said no. I’m sure the Arenado mess muddied the waters.

* Schmidt didn’t say it, but Story’s relatively poor performance this season certainly brought down his trade value..."

But did the Yankees want him? Did Schmidt make an effort to try to unload him, despite his "poor performance"?  A lot of questions, and with that Rockies front office, there's alot of miss management, just look at how long they held onto Arenado. A very public spat.

I thought for sure the Yankees would figure out a way to get Voit to the Rockies with some lower level prospects, but I guess the luxury tax was the biggest issue there.  For now, the Yankees are fine. For now... Story is not, and for now, the Rockies front office continues to bungle everything they do. 


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