Saturday, April 24, 2021


The Yankees rotation is struggling, and so when pitchers struggle, teams worry.  Not to get all nutty about this, but we do need guys that can get the job done at the top level, and there are plenty that will do it. If we know anything about the Yankees, they always try and do it on the cheap with spit and duct tape.  Right now they are looking at Anibal Sanchez.

WFAN writes:

"...the Yankees were one of several teams to watch Anibal Sanchez’s showcase workout in Florida on Friday. Sanchez held his workout at Florida International University in Miami, and according to Heyman, pitched at 90 MPH while hitting 92."

That's good. I mean look if someone like Sanchez can work for the Yankees and get them some wins, then dare I say why are the Yankees not eyeing a guy like Ty Hensley too?

If you saw his Pitch of Faith documentary, you know this kid has come all the way back from his obstacles and is literally the best he's ever been and you know what? 

He's still young.  Ty has been followed by BYB since 2012. We watched him all the way, and now with that DVS Baseball facility run by Justin Ordenduff, it's quite clear the Yankees should be taking a chance on him too. I've been reading plenty about DVS and it's really helping pitchers a lot. 

Hey, you want some stability? You want lightning in a bottle, Yanks? Sanchez looks good... but Ty Hensley will get you big time wins too. I have no doubt.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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