Sunday, January 17, 2021


 Love these kids!

Look, this has nothing to do with baseball of the Yankees. It has to do with humanity, human decency and mentors. And... if there's time, and believe me there always is... KINDNESS, LOVE AND CREATIVITY! 

We need more of it. 2020 sucked. Pandemic, death, losing jobs, division. Sooner or later someone has to stand up. Not to yell, but to say hey... enough is enough. I like you. I like a lot of people. I respect you!!!

Enter the Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School, also known as BCAM. A school and community that just came together to make me smile. I couldn't resist. I had to post this here on Bleeding Yankee Blue!

You see, every year at BCAM, the 8th graders are given an opportunity to go to the high school fairs and open house tours to show off their school community. But because of COVID, the students couldn't be face to face. Understandable. But they didn't cancel it. In fact, they did something better. Like many of us this year they got creative... and man did they ever! I want you all to take a moment and watch this video below. 

Smile while you're watching it, and take your mind back to a place and time where people were friendly with each other.  Where smiles existed and where happiness once reigned... EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW THE OTHER PERSON MAKING YOU SMILE! Let's not forget what happiness is... what kindness is! Give this a moment and smile. WATCH IT THROUGH. SHARE IT!

Just a few pieces of information... Mr. O’Brien, the bushy haired dude is their principal. Ms. Jones helped put this all together. And of course the kids? They CRUSHED IT! 

What's my point? With solid mentors come future leaders. This is what I see here. I am proud of this group!

So what can I do to return that smile? Well, I'm not Dave Portnoy... I am not Barstool. I can't raise 28 million for small businesses. (love what they are doing by the way). But instead, to pay it forward, I will be donating a ton of Bleeding Yankee Blue gear to their school for these great kids!  It's something to return the favor of happiness.

And what can all of you do? Watch their video, share it, get them views. Also... Follow them! Their Twitter is @bcamhs. The schools website is! Give this some community some respect!

Anyway... This is my Sunday inspiration! Of course, be sure to read BYB's lead story today, GOT DJ, NOW WHAT? by Suzie Pinstripe... but after that, be sure to give BCAM their proper respect!

Love these kids!


  1. Thanks a bunch for shining a light on our awesome learning community. We really appreciate the LOVE!!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our school community! We can't wait to wear that Bleeding Yankee Blue swag gear!!


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