Thursday, November 19, 2020


I'm anxiously waiting to see what happens this winter. I find myself wondering if Brian Cashman is ready and willing to make a trade deal. Maybe he chases after more pitching, or even a catcher...but if he does, it sounds like there's one player in particular that won't be on the trade chopping block and that is Clint Frazier.

I couldn't believe it at first, but George King III explained it all HERE. Apparently, Frazier is now untouchable. That's a good comeback story in a crappy year like 2020. Just back in July we were talking about how EVEN AARON BOONE "DOESN'T KNOW" ABOUT FRAZIER'S FUTURE because the Yankees had no real plan for him. He was blocked by other players and he didn't "fit in" anywhere and I really thought this was a make or break year for him. His start to this past season wasn't a good one, but he's proof it's not about how you's about how you END and he ended it with a bang and was nominated for a Gold Glove this season.

And now maybe we can say it was a "make it" year and he has a really defined future with the Yankees. He showed major improvements defensively and was solid at the plate this season, he may just be so important to the team that the Yankees can't trade him away. "It is almost to the point where they can’t trade him because you don’t know about the other two guys" a NL talent evaluator said about Frazier and outfielders Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Maybe he's right. Stanton's outfield days are over, and his DH duties will continue. Judge has missed significant time the past three seasons due to injuries and Frazier has played in his place.

And maybe we are finally seeing Frazier at his best after his concussion in 2018 that took him an extended period of time to recover from, and probably left him feeling hesitant in the outfield. He did hit his head pretty hard against a chain link fence. Who knows at this point, and as long as he continues to play like he did this past season it won't matter. "The most notable difference from other years is how much he improved on defense and making more of a commitment to playing defense," the evaluator said. "And I think he has grown up. Whoever helped him, he has responded." He really has and I can't wait to see what happens next season. 

I'm really happy for Frazier. He's had a rough ride for the past few seasons and it looks like it's finally coming together for him. The Yankees didn't know where he fit in before, but now they do. Frazier's perfect fit is in pinstripes, not in some other uniform.

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj


  1. Yankees have mishandled him from the start.He wanted to be a Yankee because of their long historical tradition.Instead they treated him like ugly step child.He has tremendous bat speed.

  2. Agreed. The media tried to run him out of town, unfairly. Nice to see him succeeding!


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