Thursday, September 17, 2020


It is hard for me not to be suspicious about Yankee injuries. I speculate a lot, but considering how bad injuries were last year and again this year...I can't help it. This is one thing I want to be WRONG about though. I really hope I am.

So Aaron Judge came back yesterday, which is good. Oh and Giancarlo Stanton and Gio Urshela are back too. We have reinforcements at just the right time, but in the mean time I am still waiting and wondering about Gleyber Torres.

Aaron Boone opted to keep Torres out of the lineup for a third straight game as he continues to nurse a sore right quad and of course we can't forget about the strained hamstring that has been ailing him at the same time.  Boone has had the same "HOPE" strategy when it has come to injuries the whole season. 

Boone "hoped" that Stanton would be back from his left hamstring sprain in "3 or four weeks" but that turned out to be just over a month. One week longer isn't a big deal but before he came back there was uncertainty if he would be back at all before the regular season. Boone's "hope" didn't work as planned.

Oh and then of course there was Judge. He missed two weeks last month, rushed his recovery and then came back for one game before going back on the Injured List with issues on the same strained calf. That wasn't too smart. Boone "hoped" to get ahead of it by putting him on the Injured List the first time....and that didn't work either.

So I don't think it is wrong to question if the injury to Torres is worse than the Yankees are telling us. Boone gave an update on Torres HERE before yesterday's game.

"Gleyber’s good," Boone said. "I just feel like probably one more day is best here. He really wanted in there (Wednesday), he really wanted in there (Tuesday) as well. But I just felt like, after consulting with the training staff and everything, one more day is best to make sure this doesn’t become an issue for us. Obviously, like many of our guys, he’s not somebody we feel like we can afford to lose a week or two away from the postseason."

Hopefully this isn't deja vu because this is what he said about Judge last month. And of course, we cannot afford to be down Torres or really anyone as we inch closer toward the postseason. I like the optimism here, but anytime I see words like "consulting with the training staff" I get a little nervous. We may have some new personnel in the training staff since last year but....we still have the same injury woes so I'm not overly confident YET.

Hopefully we see Torres in the lineup today IF he is indeed healthy like Boone says. If he does sit out four games in a row, that would suggest the opposite. I'm ready to get over the hump and have a strong finish here. We NEED it.

What do you think? Do you trust Boone is telling us the truth?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


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