Sunday, February 9, 2020


Ex-Astros pitcher Charlie Morton admits of the team's wrongdoing in the sign-stealing scandal... speaks freely and wishes he did more to stop it.  This means one thing... guilt is everywhere with this Astros team… and Major League Baseball and the player's union better get together quick and figure out a way to overrule their closed investigation of not punishing Astros players....AND IN FACT PUNISH THEM. Pathetic.

Mark Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times has this:

"...when Morton learned of the scheme his Houston teammates were using to steal signs and tip off their hitters to what pitch was coming, when he heard the actual banging on a trash can to relay the info, he didn’t say or do anything.

And that, he said Saturday in addressing the cheating scandal for the first time, is his primary remorse. “'I was aware of the banging. … Being in the dugout you could hear it. I don’t know when it dawned on me, but you knew it was going on," Morton said. “Personally, I regret not doing more to stop it. I don’t know what that would have entailed. I think the actions would have been somewhat extreme to stop it. That’s a hypothetical.”

Extreme because it was widespread, some of his Houston players and coaches actively participating, others complicit by allowing it to continue, all the way to a World Series championship. Extreme because it felt like more than one man could do anything about. “I certainly have thought about it a lot because it negatively impacted the game, and people’s perception of the game, the fans, opposing players. And that doesn’t sit well with me,” 

Morton, 36, said during the Rays Fan Fest at Tropicana Field. “Where I was at the time, I don’t know where I was. “Because what’s wrong is wrong. "

WRONG IS WRONG. Remember those words Rob Manfred. You are so afraid to do the wrong thing with punishing these players, so you do nothing... AND THAT'S WRONG TOO.

And Tony Clark. What the hell happened to you?  You have players doing bad stuff and you sit on your hands and don't try to right the game? You were a player yourself! This isn't protecting players for bad contracts. This is protecting cheaters that made it to the biggest stage and baseball to win it all by cheating!!! Take a stand... do something. Punish them.

I don't know what will happen with the Astros moving forward, but I can tell you what I think I know.... they can and will never be trusted. If they go on a winning streak, they will be questioned. If they are losers, then people will wonder if they can't play without cheating. I do know this... it's a God damn shame, almost as bad as the Black Sox scandal... and the league and player's union did... NOTHING!

Incredibly disappointing. I applaud guys like Charlie Morton and Mike Fiers. They are heroes speaking freely.


  1. Charlie Morton is full of it. He’s only admitting to it now to try and garner some “at least he disclosed it and knew it was wrong and wishes he did something about it” support. But what did they do, stop banging on the can when pitchers had to bat? Of course not. Every player who set foot in that club house is fully dirty and tied to this scandal for life. As much as it pains me to say it, this includes Cole as well who is now a Yankee.
    Luhnow also used his knowledge of it to blackmail the team at his contract time.
    These guys should all pay a price for cheating.

  2. No HOF for any of the key players. Ever! Give up your WS rings if you are truly remorseful. Actions speak louder than words. These are just words of admission of something that we already knew.


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