Saturday, February 8, 2020


The view of the Astros players will always be about reputation. No one will ever believe them again. No one will ever trust them again in baseball, except of course the Astros fans who are all delusional.

I was watching twitter and this popped up:

The comments that followed were hilarious:

And that's just some. But that's my point to all of this... these guys are tainted... they're tarnished... FOREVER! They can act like this is the recovery tour for them all they want. They can act like we are part the controversy. We are NOT! No one is going to trust them again.

Now Gio Ushela is going after Altuve and I love it. writes:

"Gio Urshela isn’t so sure Jose Altuve wasn’t cheating, somehow, when he ripped a solo home run to end ALCS Game 6 to beat the Yankees and send the Astros to the World Series last year. 

Asked whether he thought Altuve knew that closer Aroldis Chapman was going to throw a slider, Urshela was quick to respond. “Probably,” he said on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio on Friday. 

"It felt like some confidence in that at-bat against the best closer in the game and he probably knew it was coming. Kay asked Urshela if that made him “angry.” 

“A little bit,” Urshela said. “But we try to do the best. We’ve got a really good team and they’ve got good players, too. But we’re trying to do the best and play baseball clean.” 

It comes down the reputation.

Altuve, Cora, Bregman, Hinch, Correa... they all come off as snakes now. Not to be trusted and that's the worst part. And that's why MLB and the players union needed to do something to punish these players and NOT make deals. Because it's more than the game... it's about integrity and character, something these players have none of.

The bottom line is, the player's union can step forward and try to protect players in this game all they want. But this isn't about protecting players from contracts and disputes. This is about protecting cheaters now. We know they did it... they know they did it. They need to clean up the game and stop being part of the problem.

Jesus Christ... have we lost our way?


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