Wednesday, January 22, 2020


And just like that, it's time to cut off Rob Manfred's head too... especially if the latest allegations are in fact true.

Earlier today Bleeding Yankee Blue reported on the outrageous suggestion that Astros Owner Jim Crane would have all his loser cheating team come forward and apologize for their sins at Spring Training (READ). It was a way for the Astros to prove to the baseball world, the fans, that mistakes happen... and they made plenty. But they are moving past it and are deeply, DEEPLY sorry.

This no doubt would pull on the heartstrings of baseball America... and in turn, we would feel a little bad for giving them all such a hard time... or at least that's what they would think. After all... this is America, we believe in second chances right?

Not so fast.  First of all, the notion that this Jim Crane turd is orchestrating the entire thing... firing Hinch, firing Luhnow… claiming his Astros team will fix it with apology is just outrageous.  Why? Well... because during the time of this sign-stealing scandal, the Astros had made Crane millions and millions of dollars.  He is part of the problem. He shouldn't be trying to fix it, he should be removed like the rest of them.

But now this… the most outrageous part of this scandal, and it's reached the top. A claim made that perhaps there is a deal in place between MLB and the Houston Astros, and if this is true, heads need to roll... from players, to owners... to the Houston front office, to even Rob Manfred stepping down.

Read this from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal has broken it wide open and now it's time to come after them all HARD. Excellent journalism here:

"...while Manfred suspended Houston general manager Jeff Luhnow and field manager A.J. Hinch for the 2020 season—they were later fired—no active players were even named for their involvement.

Manfred justified that decision by saying it would have been "difficult and impractical" to punish players, given that virtually all of them had knowledge of or were involved in the operation to use technology to illicitly obtain and relay opposing catchers' signals. But there is a simpler explanation for why no players were penalized: The league and the MLB Players Association struck an agreement early in the process that granted immunity in exchange for honest testimony, according to several people familiar with the matter. 

The league was quick to make such an offer, these people said, in part because it did not believe it would win subsequent grievances with any players it attempted to discipline. That's partly because of a bureaucratic shortcoming: The Astros' front office never discussed with players the league's admonitions against using electronic devices to steal signs, according to Manfred's statement. The deal is a sign of MLB's desire for a speedy and conflict-free investigation, the continuing power of the baseball players' union and the fragile state of the sport's labor relations. 

The promise of amnesty allowed the league to interview 23 current and former Astros players during the two-month investigation. The result is a situation that led to the harshest penalties in recent baseball history—none of them directed at the people Manfred said actually committed the offense. That has attracted public criticism even from some players who are members of the union."

I'm making that bold and big with the hopes that everyone will read this.  In the end, this goes further as one of the biggest MLB Scandals ever, and if true, the entire baseball league is and should be rocked.  How in the world do you cover-up wrongdoing? What is MLB thinking? What is Rob Manfred thinking?

Fire them all. Bring this to a new level now. Congress.  This is something that stinks in baseball and while the Astros are a despicable organization and will never get a fair look again, it is Major League Baseball that now has some real important questions to answer.  Rob Manfred... WE WANT ANSWERS!

Stay tuned folks. BYB refuses to go away from this story.  We will keep you up to date ever step of the way.


  1. I’m sorry, as a yankee fan who isn’t happy about the sign stealing situation, where exactly is the coverup? This deal with the players offering immunity has been known the whole time and more importantly in sept of 17 manfred said that anyone caught the manager and GMs would pay the price

  2. If you rob a bank but no sign on the banks wall saying no stealing allowed....and you are caught....should tgere be no penalty? The players should know right from wrong...they need to pay the price.........and atleast be suspended. Probably any player on the 2017 team will probably be suspect and never get voted into the HOF.


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