Thursday, January 16, 2020


The 2019 MVP champ of the ALCS is Aaron Judge or someone on the Yankees that actually deserves it.

Let's face it. Jose Altuve won, but he's a cheater just like the rest of the Astros front office and now it's time to drop the hammer on him and probably his teammate Alex Bregman too.  As a matter of fact, I would strongly suggest that MLB and Rob Manfred start digging deeply into the Astros players... ALL OF THEM.

This is a whole new level of cheating. This is worse than shooting a needle into your ass so you can hit more home runs. This is worse than throwing games like they did back in 1919 with the Black Sox scandal. It's worse than betting on baseball so you can make a few extra bucks.

What this is, is fooling fans, tainting the game and cheating your way to victory in the most calculated, strategic and planned out operation ever! This one isn't the garbage can banging of 2017. We're now up to 2019, and the latest video and news story in question... all coming from the alleged niece of Carlos Beltran.

Hmmm... so something like this?

Yeah, my drawing is lame, but you get the idea.

And this is how it works. And this is why Michael Kay was suspicious the past few days and why he asked the question as to why Jose Altuve was screaming to his teammates to NOT rip his uniform top off when he was crossing home plate after that home run in the 2019 ALCS.

Here's that video:

And so here we are. More turmoil surrounding the Asstros.  And I have news for you... it doesn't matter if MLB comes out and claims they don't see wrongdoing or couldn't find evidence in this latest buzzer development. The truth is the Houston Astros team will forever be considered cheaters.  From this point forward I will never root for them in any capacity. I will always be suspicious. I will never believe they are honest players. I will always consider them all cheaters.

There are too many red X's that are stamped on this club.  From AJ Hinch, Cora to Beltran to owner Jim Crane... to Reid Ryan for moving the center field camera in 2017... to Jose Altuve… the once beloved smaller ballplayer that could do everything a big player could.

Now he's not longer that smaller hero. Instead... now he's just a tiny cheating twerp.  And that goes for Alex Bregman and George Springer too.

I don't care what anyone says. You cannot fire a manager and general manager of a team and NOT investigate the team's players to the highest extent. Rob Manfred has an obligation to EVERY SINGLE BASEBALL FAN OUT THERE.

Kill the virus, Rob! Find the cheaters, suspend them for a long time...or ban them for life.  Not doing so is a disservice to the baseball world.

Oh yeah... and rip that 2019 ALCS MVP  out of Altuve's tiny fingers and give it to one of those Yankee players.  Because that little man is despicable.


  1. First and the players had immunity now if what is said about the wires the patches under New Jersey then that's a different story especially if they didn't tell them about it their immunity only included if they cooperated fully so they did not tell about this they did not cooperate and therefore they should not have immunity anymore

  2. To the author of the article: Once again, your opinions are marred by your lack of class as reflected by your perpetual choice to use profanity in your articles.

    I won't be returning to the site so best of luck getting everybody else to read your swear words & think you are insightful.


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