Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I love that the world is piling up on the Cheater Houston Astros.  But the longer it takes to do this investigation means more time between the incident and the investigation. That worries me, but it also makes me feel good because it means that they are taking the accusations against this loser Astros team seriously.  I just want the hammer to come down on these players big time. They deserve the worst.

Joe Girardi is now speaking out. The New York Daily News writes:

“I wasn’t shocked. We had put in a lot of things to try to combat certain things. You know, word gets around,” Girardi said in the press room of the Manchester Grand Hyatt...

"...that's not coming from the players on the field. The players on the field, it's their job to guard against the players on the field. You can't guard against technology and players off the field,” Girardi said. “Now, you do have guys that are really good at picking up things from pitchers where they tip. To me, that's still on the field, in a sense. “So that is bothersome to me..."

Look, for the most part players and managers are worried about the integrity of the game and that's the most important part of this. Oh... and the fact that the Astros cheated with technology is sort of horrendous.

And the worst part? Not a single person within the Astros organization has spoken about the allegations and investigations.  Alex Cora is despicable anyway, but this just makes it worse. The New York Post has this:

“I know you have a job to do and you have to ask the question, but out of respect of the investigation MLB has and the Astros, I am not going to answer questions,’’ Cora said. “I talked to MLB in the process.’’ 

How come everyone else is talking... but not the Astros former and current? That means guilt folks!

But the pile on is big time now and I love it. Pressure! F these guys.  Manfred needs to do the right thing. Crush this Astros team... and make their future a future of scabs. They need to clean house over there and start over.

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