Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Would you pick the Mets over the Yankees? Dellin Betances did.  Sucks for him.

There's gotta be a legitimate reason and that will eventually come out. For now one thing is clear... Dellin Betances? Gonzo.

His time is the Bronx is over.

 ESPN writes:

"The New York Mets have reached a one-year deal with right-handed reliever Dellin Betances, sources confirmed to ESPN. 

The deal is worth $10.5 million, but Betances could earn $13 million if he appears in 70 games. There is a player option in 2021 and a vesting player option for 2022, sources told ESPN's Jeff Passan."

Hey. It was fun while it lasted. I wish Dellin well. Always liked the guy. Too bad for us... and for him.

Now that you read this, remember that it's Christmas Eve... get back to the family now.

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  1. OMFG! How did I miss this yesterday! I am totally shocked by the news! I had my parents visiting all day while we talked A's (bc they bought the Coliseum land yesterday so that explains a lot but I didnt see it on my MLB or Bleacher Report notifications and normally I would - and I did check them yesterday like I do everyday!
    .. what can I say? I'm speechless! That's so bizarre! Thanks for the update! WOW!


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