Saturday, December 14, 2019


I was just reading Manny Gomez of Call to the Pen. I do from time to time because he's good. There's been so much talk about the Yankees and the possibility of them trying to get Josh Hader, but there's so much garbage out there about who they'd give up to get him.  This is a trade I can get on board with and something that I would hope the Brewers would too. Check out this trade proposal from Gomez:

Photo: Luis Gil
"The New York Yankees would love to acquire Hader from the Milwaukee Brewers, but the price will have to be much lower than Torres, Severino, and Gil, one of the top pitching prospects on the team. A trade between the Yankees and Brewers will have to look something more like this:

Yankees get Josh Hader
Brewers get Luis Gil, Miguel Andujar."

And to be honest, I would even throw if a Chance Adams to make this happen.  Yes, the Yankees would be giving up probably a little more than we should, but Hader is elite.

The one factor that always comes into play with is if these elite players can perform in the Bronx. It's a chance we have to take. Who knows what Gerrit Cole will give us for instance? Sure, we're a better team with him on paper, but when they get on the field, CAN THEY PERFORM?

And that would be a big question for Hader. if we were to get him.  Although... I'm willing to take that chance.

Get it done Cash! Nice piece Manny!


  1. Sorry , I would switch out Andujar and put Urshela , Holder , Adams , Voit and Loaisiga.
    I really think we should take advantage of Urshela good offensive season and use it for our benefit.
    Include Voit because I believe his crazy workouts will cause him to get hurt alot.
    We could just sign Dellin because he is good against RH and LH batters.

    We could trade Kahnle and Loaisiga for him .

  2. Definitely no on andujar and yes to gio urshela...
    My proposal... gio urshela, either thario Estrada or Tyler wade, plus luke voit and 2 prospects


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