Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros just made a pretty profound statement. No, he didn't speak to reporters about the sign stealing scandal.  The statement he made was to avoid it entirely.  You know what that makes him? The King of these Cheating Loser Astros.


The New York Post has this:

"About 20 bigwigs from major-league teams wore orange vests and hard hats here in a hotel lobby Wednesday morning, preparing for their field trip to the Rangers’ new ballpark, Globe Life Field, next door. Astros owner Jim Crane didn’t ask to keep his hard hat. He might live to regret that.

Crane, encountering a small group of reporters Wednesday, politely declined to take questions. 

“If you want to talk about baseball, I’ll talk about baseball,” he said. “What else do you want to talk about? Any other issues…” 

At that juncture, an off-duty police officer working for the hotel escorted Crane out of the scrum."

Cheater. Avoider. Loser.

The Astros are in serious trouble.

Another day has gone by and not a single member of the Astros organization has denied or defended any of their actions. This means guilt folks.  And the fact that Head Loser Crane can't address the media only means one thing to me... it started at the top. He's in on it folks or knows for a fact that it happened.

All these guys need to be wiped out of the Astros front office.  Heads need to roll in that Astros clubhouse.

Firings need to happen on the Astros coaching staff. The stripping of the 2017 World Series Championship MUST happen... and as far as banning the players of the Houston Astros from baseball for life... I'd be OK with that too.

They did it to Shoeless Joe Jackson. They did it to Pete Rose.  This Astros sign stealing scandal is a MAJOR VIOLATION OF MLB RULES.

I think it was Matt Silverman, Rays President who said it best:

“We don’t cheat... Nothing will change that.”

You cannot say that about the Houston Astros.

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