Wednesday, October 23, 2019


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As the Washington Nationals take Game 1 of the World Series against the Houston Astros 5-4, the Yankees sit at home, reflecting on what could have been.  Quite frankly, I too am reflecting on what could have been.  But after listening to Aaron Judge's post game interview several times, and thinking about how cool it would have been to have a real Damn Yankees World Series I can't help but think that Aaron Judge would have sold his soul to the devil to be in the World Series against the Nats.

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"It's a failure," a dejected Aaron Judge said. "In spring training, we talked about winning the division and putting ourselves in a good spot in the postseason to win a World Series. We came up short. No matter how many games we won in the regular season or what else we did, this season is a failure,"as reported by ESPN.  If Judge could have made this game go any other way, he would have.  He would have gone completely Joe Hardy if he could and sold his soul to the devil for the championship.

Source: NY Times

"The Yankees were built to get to October, not to get through October," stated David Samson of CBS Sports. And he isn't wrong. They just did not have enough sustainable parts to beat the Houston Astros. Some of the unsustainable parts of the team include starting pitching.  Pitching wins or loses games and the Yankees have been facing this reality for years.  But this time, this year, they have felt it deeper than ever before.  "When you're the New York Yankees and you have been to the World Series in every decade since 1910, what do you call it when you don't make it to the World Series?" Samson asks. A failure.

Watching the World Series within the Yankees is just hard.  It wasn't the way it was supposed to be.  But it is the reality.  The only outcome for me at this point is for the Nationals to beat the Astros.  Not that this would make all the pain go away, but at least it would feel a bit better.  I wonder how Judge feels today or the rest of the Savages.  Maybe they feel like me or maybe they wish they had one more game to redeem themselves?  Selling your soul isn't so bad; but this feeling of emptiness is just overwhelming.  Wish I could be happier today.  At least the Nats won Game 1 and the Winter Meetings are right around the corner.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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  1. Difference is Judge didn't hit a homerun in game 6 after DJ .He chased.
    Sanchez and Encarnation chased Hicks only got 2 hits 1 off the foul pole and did nothing.
    Gleyber hitting 6th game 1 was awesome games 2-6 hitting higher up was well average.
    Clutch hitters come through in clutch situations.
    Ozuna gave up the tying 2 run homer and not that much is said but Chapman gives up 2 run homer and it is all over media catching him that looks like a smile in fact the expression was one of can't believe he did that.Mo had a similar expression when the Dbacks beat him woth a broken bat.
    Yankees out hit and out pitched the Astros over all but did not out clutch them.
    Sad end to a season , the wrong players were playing in the end.If Stanton was hurt he should had been replaced.
    Oh well if we don't sign Betances our bullpen will be over worked again .
    Really don't know if German will be as good as he was , the last 4 appearances he got hit .
    Jody won't know until he takes the mound.
    I would not rule out signing a FA pitcher but to me if you don't get Cole then what we have is just as good with the exception of Wheeler.
    If we don't sign Didi the you have to extend DJ.
    Maybe you could package a deal of Bird , Wade and Frazier for Lindor but really I think Didi would be a better cost alternative.
    In the old days if a pitcher beat you George would sign him see Don Gullet and Catfish Hunter. So if Hal is like his dad at all then Cole would be a Yankee next year.
    Time will see.


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