Saturday, September 21, 2019


I don't know what that means other than he just needs a rest... or he's trying to get some tail at a club and sweating some chick.  You remember Mickey talking to Rocky right? Women weaken legs.

Mickey's got a point. But I am not sure that's what's going on. I do know this... we need Gleyber Torres very badly for the playoffs. If it means he's gotta sit the next several games so that happens, so be it.  I'm worried folks, I'm not kidding. has this:

"It didn’t look good when All-Star second baseman Gleyber Torres’ leg gave out in the top of the fourth as he attempted to make a throw from behind the bag after fielding an infield single off Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr.'s bat...

It looked worse when Torres stumbled to the ground and stayed down for about a minute...

Torres talked his way into remaining in the game, but he struck out swinging in his next at-bat in the Yankees sixth, then was removed for the start of the seventh due to weakness in his lower legs."

Look, if I had to bet, the Yankees were all out the night before, blowing off steam after clinching, maybe drinking Tequila and soda and having a blast.  Dehydration comes to mind. Whatever the case... it's scary and they'll watch it.  Bottom line, we need this dude.

Get well soon Gleyber.

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  1. Weak legs , more like it could be anything from knee to groin if you watch all of that play and where he was originally grimacing and reaching.
    Can't tell 100 % if ground caused it , knee gave out or didn't originally bend his knee and was trying to make the play straight legged.
    It never the less possibly the knee swelled up during the next 30 minutes resulting in him leaving.( Speaking from a guy who has had a few knee problems and surgeries along the way from various sports)
    We do need him though he was hitting like .222 in last 7 games . We definately need to reast him a few games he can hit off the machine during this time in the game.
    Judge probally should do little more DHing with his shoulder .
    George King III was quick to point out Frazier's slump but failed to point out Voit's slump is worse.In fact only three players have hit this week.
    DJ, Gardy and Romine.
    I am a strong believer that if you rest your players you do it before the last 4 games so that their timing is right going in to the playoffs.However Stanton should be well rested by now and needs to play every day.


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