Monday, September 16, 2019


Interesting little tidbit came out yesterday from HERE, DJ Lemahieu is signed through 2020 but if the Yankees could sign him on an extension should they do it? We all know how important he has been to the team this season. So maybe, the Yankees will consider adding some more years and money to keep him here?

Maybe. I take this with a grain of salt though. We all know how the rumor mill goes, and while this is an exciting rumor for Yankee fans, there's no source attached to this one. It's just hearsay at this point. Oh and not for nothing, but when an article floats a story about an important player like LeMahieu and can't even get his age right....I raise an eyebrow. reported in their story that LeMahieu is 33, when it fact he just turned 31 in July. Oops!

So we all know how important LeMahieu has been to the Yankees. He's been versatile and productive. I don't care about his "mini slide" that referenced where we went 4-for-31 before Thursday's doubleheader in Detroit. He could still win a batting title with a .329 BA which is the second-best average of his nine year career behind his .348 in 2016. Even with a few weeks left in the regular season he has career high in home runs (24), RBIs (92) and with 9 more hits, he will have the most of his career (193). That is why I would say he has been the Yankees most valuable player.

And what about that most valuable player talk? We first mentioned it back in July in THE AL MVP DEBATE HAS ALREADY BEGUN because let's face it, an MVP debate with LeMahieu along with Mike Trout just gets everyone talking. In fact, I read two articles this weekend that were talking about a Trout vs LeMahieu battle. Of course, WFAN believes the LeMahieu deserves consideration while The Daily Campus still calls Trout the deserving MVP. It's just cool to see LeMahieu get the recognition here.

So bottom line, we see how important LeMahieu has been. I've seen some call him the greatest addition to the Yankees during the 2018 offseason despite the pitching addition the Yankees made with James Paxton.

So if the Yankees can get a two or three year extension out of him then good! It's not easy going from the National League to the American league and also play for the Yankees at a high level on top of all of that. Who knows if this rumor amounts to anything, but if it does and the deal makes sense for both parties then I am on board!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. I will admit DJ has proved me wrong and I could see 2 years with vesting option for a 3rd.
    I think also the Yankees should lock down Betances with a contract like Britton or more than what they are paying Ottovino a year.
    Also different topic , but does anyone besides me think Aaron Boone is a Trojan horse .He does some things like he trying to wreck our chances for a WS because he has not gotten over being cut by the Yankees. He plays Tauchman who was dealing with a calf issue when he could had played Frazier , gives Sanchez the green light to steal , last year failure to challenge a call / non call.
    Sorry, it just seems he does some strange things at the most important times.
    Betances needs that extenion just like DJ


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