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Hello BYB Friends and Faithful!

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It's been a while since I dropped by, but after the recent series against the Sawks… I wanted to chirp from the cheap seats. The Yankees are injury plagued. They are scuffling where they should be surging. But they do resemble some great Bomber teams of the past...with a stumble out of the starting block.

Am I worried for the long run? Nope. Not a bit. Tampa will come back to earth. The World Champs? Yeah, to aggravation of my ulcer, which I've named "Yawkey Way" they'll be back and winning games in bunches. They are just too damn talented not to...damn it.

All of that stuff aside, today I wanted to talk about Gardy and playing for the moment. I'm a coach these days. I have the privilege of working with some of the most extraordinary, powerful, young women around. They work so incredibly hard every day and it is outstanding to see them become better athletes and people along the way. Recently one of them asked me what my favorite all-time race, game, match was in my own sports history. I thought for a few minutes and did a quick sprint down memory lane... I didn't remember medals, trophies or titles... I remember moments. The times I spent with my teammates. The sounds and sights I took in in victory or defeat. The moments live forever.

Trophies and titles can be lost or forgotten...the moment is why we play the games. It's about the people you shared them with. The things you achieve together. Here are some highlights from last night.

Brett Gardner's 100th career dinger was one of those Yankee Moments. We all love the little South Carolinian with the BIG OL' Heart (despite the Sports Talk Radio Experts calling in from traffic on the Deegan). He is that type of guy. We remember Gardy's moments and how they lifted the team more than him individually. His is a career built on those type of events. The passion he plays with.

He is truly playing for the moment whenever he suits up. It's about the game and the guys he plays with. Is he the best at his position? Nope. Is he an All-Time Yankee Great...not really. Will the organization hang up #11 one day? Maybe but it probably won't be because Brett Gardner wore it.

Yet Gardy is a Yankee the fans WILL always remember. And that Grand Slam last night will be a reason why. One of the true leaders on a team struggling to find it's stride in a pressure packed season...and GARDY COMES THROUGH!

It was against Boston! It was in the Bronx! It was pure Brett Gardner! Down 0-2 and as if his heart jumped out of his chest and swung the bat for him the ball laughed off the wood and into the Creatures salivating for some Yankee Magic! What does this mean going forward? Who knows. Maybe they go on a tear and rack up 10 out of 11. Maybe they hit the skids again...but the moment lives forever. It's the life blood of Sport. It's why we play any game. The moments.

I am a Gardy Guy. He, like O'Neill, Tino, Goose, Donnie, Nettles and many more, play with their hearts on their pinstripes. Their moments echo throughout the Borough of the Bronx more than the trophies, titles and's their moments and how they lived in them.

Thanks Brett. That woke me up to more than why I love baseball so much. It reminded me of why I love the game...every game that celebrates the moments.

Great to see you BYB!


** Just like BYB, this song just gets me **

--Mike O'Hara
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