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I love Ronald Torreyes.

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As I stated in a piece I wrote last August, titled simply THE TOE, he is the type of player that every team needs. He knows his place, he does what is asked and never complains. And if he's not needed that game, no problem... "I'm here if you need me", and usually at some point, the Yankees need him. He even goes above and beyond to help others. The Toe is a class act. This piece in has this nugget.  We love stuff like this at BYB...

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"All week, Gleyber Torres has been at Ronald Torreyes' hip. When Torres, the Yankees' top prospect, was called up for his debut Monday, Torres spent much of his time between innings resting against the dugout fence, chatting with Torreyes, the beloved utility man...

'He calls me, I call him,' Torres said recently. 'Not just about baseball, but about family and everything. He's my friend.'"

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But that bond is significant, because it's about getting new players up to speed, working with them, never putting yourself first, but about getting all the Yankee players up to speed... because ultimately its about winning together.  

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Since his acquisition from the Chicago Cubs, we've all heard the hype surrounding Gleyber Torres. In fact, I got to watch as he won MVP in the Arizona Fall League. The kid is damn good and I believe he is where he is going to be for a long, long time. Yet, no matter how good he is, we all know New York is not the easiest place to make it. That's why I love what Torreyes is doing. Helping him with the comfort of being in the Bigs on a team like the New York Yankees.

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Folks, this is a great time to have Ronald Torreyes as his friend. Torres should suck up every morsel of time he has with Torreyes. All these players should.  And for the Toe, well, we tip our cap here at BYB.

Nice piece, Kuty.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
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