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Jeter lovers do 1 thing... love Jeter.

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I have tremendous respect for Derek Jeter.  The media portrays him has a monster in Miami though.  Many of the stories are true.  This story by Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports where he says that scout Marty Scott was fired while in a hospital bed with cancer and waiting for a kidney... IS TRUE.

Photo of: Marty Scott
When I wrote about it last night (THE GRINCH OF MIAMI)... it was still true.  GET OVER IT.  The hate I've seen the past 12 hours directed at me, directed at Passan or anyone else who reported it is disgusting.  Get a life... take a walk, rake leaves, hug your kids... do ANYTHING other than kissing your Jeter poster. 

This is journalism.  There isn't hate, there is no agenda... this is solid journalism sprinkled with opinion. That's first.

Now... with good journalism... perhaps pointed journalism come updates. A good rule of thumb is YOU MUST UPDATE THE READERS IF THERE'S A STORY THIS HOT. It's what responsible writers do. It's what BYB does.

Washington Post reports this:

Photo: Michael Hill /
"A team spokesman told Passan that the move was a baseball-operations decision made by team president Michael Hill and that three other Marlins scouts also were fired.

Scott told Passan that he was able to secure health insurance through COBRA and hopes to schedule his kidney-transplant surgery for January. Still, he hopes that Jeter doesn’t continue this approach over the course of his ownership tenure. "

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)
So let's cut through it.  Yes, Hill made the call, but Hill CANNOT just fire scouts. Hill MUST get approval from team owners Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman, and because everyone knows Derek Jeter... he's the connection to this story and how big it has become. Everyone in journalism knows how this works. Certain readers need to be smarter here.

Secondly, the guy's dying.  Marty Scott needed to secure COBRA insurance, apparently on his own.  I am baffled by why the Marlins didn't just cover it for him, considering his service with not only the Marlins but being a rep in baseball for nearly 40 years.  It's nuts to me, but in this regard, I guess business is business.  But you would HOPE that humanity takes a smart role in decisions like this.  Apparently not.

Anyway... to all the haters who think reporting this story is 'Fake News'... please decipher good journalism from bad.  This is good... this is accurate and now there is an update.

I leave you with this... this guy's got it all figured out. 

He's on Facebook, go have a field day with him.

By the way... I'm an independent.  Independent thinker. I thinks that's what the disconnect is with this guy... but whatever.... politics will never enter these pages.

We at BYB support Passan with this story, and I am positive more will come out.  Stay tuned.

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