Thursday, November 19, 2015


That quote above comes from former baseball player and former Mariners coach, Andy Van Slyke. He was speaking of Robinson Cano. It's surprising to read, but it's mind blowing to actually hear.  Van Slyke does not pull any punches.  Bottom line, he said he thought Cano was probably a good guy, but he cost a lot of people jobs coming over the Seattle Mariners with that hefty $24 million a year contract.

That portion of the interview is HERE, you gotta listen to it!  But here is the full verbate of what Van Slyke said of Mr. Robinson Cano on Frank Cusumano's radio show Press Box on CBS Sports Radio :

Andy Van Slyke: "You would have thought Cano would have had a terrific year, but he had the worst, single year of an every day player in 20 years in the big league level.... he was just the most awful player I have ever seen."

Frank Cusumano: "It wasn't working? I think he tries..."

Van Slyke: "He does... sometimes.... Your highest paid, supposedly best player... I mean, Robinson's not a bad guy. Let me just say that before I say anything bad about how he plays. But Robinson Cano was the single worst third place every day player I've ever seen. I've ever seen for the first half of a baseball season.  He couldn't drive home Miss Daisy if he tried. He couldn't do it. He couldn't get a hit when it mattered. 

He played the worst defense I've ever seen... I'm talking the worst defensive second basemen I've ever seen!

I'm telling you Frank, Robinson Cano cost the GM his job. The hitting coach got fired because of Cano. And then the Manager and coaches got fired because of Cano because that's how much of an impact he has on the organization. He was the worst player and it cost people their jobs in the process."

This is huge! Baseball is a boys club and many times players and coaches don't talk so honestly about other players, but I gotta tell you, this speaks volumes.  Cano has destroyed that franchise, at least that's how Van Slyke sees it.

By the way, a big shout-out to for sending this interview my way.  It's a huge story because it all goes back to a piece I put out on BYB in August,  THAT BAD CANO DEAL GOT ZDURIENCIK FIRED,
"Bottom line, he was horrible at his job, but one can speculate, that if Cano ends up going down in flames in Seattle, it will be that move that will determine Zduriencik's legacy."
Now it's pretty much been confirmed by Van Slyke.  Bringing Cano to the Mariners is horrible for Seattle.

Yup... have fun with that.

You gotta love Van Slyke. The dude just speaks his mind.

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