Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Quick post here.  This one's about journalistic integrity.  Write this down...

I'm getting alot of emails from readers, both BYB fans and just plain baseball people asking me one question... "Why are you not covering CC Sabathia 'freaking out'?"

Here is my answer. I wasn't there. I have no idea what happened, that's why.

Let me get this straight; You want me to report on a story from a gossip site? Why would BYB ever do that? So I can get a ton of clicks to make my readership quota for the day? Trust me... it's not that slow, not for me... not for anyone in this business.

So yeah, if you're looking for a report about Sabathia allegedly yelling at airport attendant, go elsewhere.  I'm not that desperate.

If there are reports about CC Sabathia trying to get back to his dominant self in 2015 for the New York Yankees, I want to know about it and we will report that.  That my friends is important to the people that read these pages.  That's what we are all about.

The other stuff? It's garbage... and you're better than that...

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