Saturday, November 1, 2014


I really get a kick out of Laura and Jorge Posada.  They're living life and since Jorge retired, the best part about this lovely family is Laura is documenting every move they make on the social networks for us fans! Love them!

Yesterday we shared Homer Bush with an amazing throwback photo of he and his wife Monica as Ike & Tina Turner.  It was great. (Check out: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: HOMER BUSH)

Now Laura posted some amazing photos of she and Jorge partying it up in their Halloween costumes!  Check this out:

And here's Jorge cutting loose:

I absolutely love it!

Look, there have been plenty that say that over the years, Jorge never seemed to have fun.  There were many that suggested that he was on a mission in his playing career and he couldn't relax.  First of all, as a true Posada fan, I understood his mission and I also understood his family life was solid.  Jorge worked his tail off and while the smiles were less in his playing days, it didn't make the guy a tight ass. He was working toward a goal... he had tunnel vision. 

These days though, Jorge IS relaxed, but instead of privately, it's now public we as Yankee fans are grateful for Laura sharing with us! Thanks!

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