Saturday, December 28, 2013


I like pop-culture.  I'm also of the age where I now recycle great movies I saw as a kid with my own children.  Some of them they love... Karate Kid, Bad News Bears, Weekend at Bernie's and even The Goonies.  Sure you can look back at some of these and think, "Well, that seems alittle too raw for kids!"  And you'd be right about some of them, after all, the Bad News Bears has a racist second baseman named Tanner Boyle.  Yes, this is true, but we all watched it when we were kids and our parents didn't say anything other than, "Don't talk like that kid." And then... we didn't.

Over the Christmas break, I whipped out The Goonies and sat with my older kids to watch it.  It's still a great movie and I realized something as the kids were looking through the belongings of the long deceased Chester Copperpot. If Goonies was real life and we stuck to the visual of the film where Mikey (played by Sean Astin) picked up the Lou Gehrig baseball card to give the audience a point of reference... Chester Copperpot actually died in 1973, not in the 1930's when they said he did. He's holding the Gehrig card above, and the actual card is below:

(In Photo: 1973 Topps Grand Slam Leader card)
If Chester Copperpot died in the 1930's, this card would have never have existed.  He should have been holding the card below of Lou Gehrig instead.  And interesting "mistake" or maybe it was done on purpose, who knows.  I did find the mistake pretty obvious coming from a baseball card nerd like myself.

(In Photo: 1933 Goudey card)
So there you have it. Steven Spielberg blew it.  Hey... it's alittle fun trivia on this Saturday morning for ya. And clearly, I'm a sleuth!  Now I'm going to go try and find Jimmy Hoffa and search for the killers of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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