Wednesday, November 28, 2012


According to Jon Heyman of CBS HERE, the Pirates may be the team that swoops in and takes Russell Martin from the Yankees. Why? Because they are willing to offer a 3 year deal that would be worth in the range of $25 million.  That is something that the Yankees might not be willing to do...and I get it. 

Hey look, if Martin bails on the Yankees for a mediocre Pirates team, it's about the money for him...that's my take. Or, maybe he was unhappy in New York.  One thing I hate doing though is getting into discussions when it comes to ballplayers and them being "offended" if their former team doesn't give them what they think they are "worth." These ballplayers are all millionaires.  At some point, these players need to understand that throwing a few million at them is enough and if another team throws alittle extra, well, hell, does it even matter at the point? There needs to be alittle loyalty too... on both sides.
Now Martin wants a 4 year deal worth between $9 and $10 million, read Marchand HERE.  That's a stability thing on his part, I get that, but I also think it's ridiculous. Especially when we're talking about a guy who offered no offense in the 2012 season. I say 3 years totaling $18-$20 million, maybe!  That's me though.

Whatever happens to Martin, I'll stick with the guy, because I really like him.  I do hope that the Yankees are able to work out a deal.  In the end, if that happens, I'll be truly happy.

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