Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Look, we’re Yankee fans... we think too much, or at least I do.  Even if we’re humming through the season, every once in a while there is a thought that will pop into my head about a player or position which will trigger internal conversation…with myself. NERD! I know you want to yell it...so do it, what do I care.  I’m a fanatic and I also happen to be a blogger, so that helps, I guess.

I was thinking about the recent move involving Freddy Garcia.  The poor guy can’t even get to the third innings and was continually gets roughed up every outing.  Enough was enough.  Hell, BYB saw it coming weeks ago and finally, the Yankees made their move, moving long-man Boy Wonder into the starting rotation and sliding Freddy Garcia to the bullpen. Read HERE. It’s business... nothing else. David Phelps has proved himself and Garcia hasn’t. So now we look forward to see what Phelps can do.

But that’s only the first step.  If Garcia can’t handle the starting rotation, what makes you think his new long-man role will be any better?  After all, we have a championship to win and we don't need dead weight. You have to have that in the back of your mind. Also, think about this...Could an unstable Garcia destroy the amazing flow of our brilliant bullpen?  You hope it doesn’t happen, but you just don’t know. 

And that brings me to Phil Hughes, who actually has the bullpen experience and has been successful in that role.  I have suggested numerous times that Hughes needs to be a long man pen guy and this season and beyond.  I feel as though his starting days are long gone.  Read WHY THE PEN IS WHERE HUGHES BELONGS.  Hughes has proved to me that he in fact should be there.  His starts have been lousy too and with Andy Pettitte is literally salivating at the idea of return to the Bigs.  Remember, he stated yesterday that he was ready to "Help." Read HERE.  It's my take that if Phil Hughes does lousy, there will be movement of Hughes. If David Phelps gets shelled, he may be the one to get back to the pen in his original role.  The whole thing is nuts I know...plus, everyone expects Pettitte to come back and all will be butterflies and lollipops again for the Yankees rotation.

But think about this... what if Andy Pettitte doesn’t pan out either? Then what? I know, speculation.  Well, again, I'm a fan and I think too much I guess, but I'm not the only one. We get a ton of email from BYB readers that give me scenarios as well.   I got a really fun email  from Travis Lincoln today. He's a nice guy, he comments from time to time, and he always puts together stuff to think about.  I guess he and I do the same thing.  Travis wrote:

“…What about this... Sign Roy Oswalt (if he will), release Garcia. Then, move Oswalt into Freddy’s spot in the rotation. Then we move Hughes into the bullpen (It’s my opinion that he performs better there anyway.) Pettitte takes Hughes' rotation spot and slide Phelps into the long man role again and leave Hughes knocking out a couple innings in relief. “

Thanks Travis.  Yes, there are plenty of great ideas… I could actually get behind this one as well. 
There is no question the Yankees will do well this season.  There is alittle worry about the holes in the rotation.  I mean, as I predicted, CC Sabathia has spend the first month of April just finding his way like he always does and now he’s rolling.  Hiroki Kuroda either shits the bed or dominates, but you just don’t know what you’re going to get. Thankfully, yesterday he dominated.  Ivan Nova is impressive and will have a bad outing once in a while, but he’s got the confidence of a veteran and you need to love him and give him more respect, there is no denying that. If Pettitte pitches well when he comes up and Hughes can turn it around, everything will work out... but man oh man... they say having a lot of pitching is a good problem...well... I have headache.

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