Monday, April 30, 2012


Andy Pettitte was pitching for the Trenton Thunder today and got his tits lit up against the minor league Philadelphia Phillies.  He gave up 6 runs in 5 2/3 innings.  Am I worried? No. 

Now I was about to say, he had a bad day,  but Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra had me pegged (Read HERE)….Damn you Calcaterra! He writes: “I suppose we’re gonna give this Pettitte kid the ‘everybody has a bad day’ pass for now. Especially since he didn’t walk anyone, struck out 8 and because Joe Girardi said that some of the runs were given up on ‘wind-aided’ homers.”  Well… Yeah… that’s what I was going to say.  The truth of the matter is, as a Yankee fan, we want hope.  David Phelps now replaces Freddy Garcia in the Yankees rotation and now the world will watch to see what Phil Hughes will do and if Andy is ready, then of course we want him up with the big team, right? 

Meanwhile... Andy Pettitte said this after the game: I feel I’m strong enough and ready to make my next start with (the Yanks)… I feel like I’m ready to help the team...”  That's right, Andy Pettitte has declared himself ready to play for the New York Yankees they say in Dude, Where's my Car.?.."he knows his body dude!" Read about about it HERE

The fact of the matter is there were quality pitches today for Pettitte and he felt it.  He threw 96 pitches, and he feels ready.  So, maybe he has 1 more extended spring training and then maybe we see him.  The fact of the matter is this outing was about how Pettitte felt and not about the win.  I know that sounds ridiculous, after all, you play to win, but consider Pettitte to be working his way back.   Then, once he makes it to the Bigs again, expect him to work through 6 innings, then 7, then 8, much like we saw CC Sabathia do.  You know what I mean? 

Sure, Pettitte got lit up today, but he feels good and just in time.  Now what's next? Well, we watch Phil Hughes pitch in his next outing, he's on the radar. Then, depending on that outing, we see where we fit Andy Pettitte.  Trust me though, don't get panicked about today, just feel good that Andy feels good.  That's it....Oh, and GO YANKS!

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