Monday, April 30, 2012


10. Curtain Call 

Is Curtis Granderson the Reggie Jackson of 2012? No, I don’t think so. He is Curtis “Grandeur” Granderson . A class act that is writing his very own baseball history. Three Homers in one game on April 19th….Unbelievable. So glad you are a Yankee! Read HERE.

9 Boston Globe...LOL 

I found this hilarious…The Boston Globe headline from earlier last week was "Rangers roll over Yankees." Wow I just want to know where is the article that headlines Yankees roll over the Sox?…. Just Saying. Luckily USA Today, America's paper had the headline correct in the recent rout of the Red Sox by the Yankees... "Red Sox red faced again." Gotta love that.

8. La Perfumeria Rivera

Not only do we dominate the baseball world …you now can see the beloved NY emblem on Men and Women cologne, I'm not kidding. Pitching the fragrance is Mr. Mariano Rivera. Opposing batters will now get a nice whiff when they strike out on that famous cutter. Read about it HERE.

7. Swisher Kong 

Nick Swisher was blasted by John Kruk for celebrating the come from behind win against the Red Sox. Read about it HERE. Frankly I think it’s nice to see a player pumped and enthusiastic about the game. What’s wrong with celebrating a win. I’m certain the Red Sox have done their share of celebrating themselves. It’s not like he pointed to the Sox dugout or showed poor sportsmanship. So John Kruk, we really don’t care what you think! Swish keep doing what you do because Yankee Nation loves you!

6.Remembering the House that Ruth Built

I accidentally stumbled across the New York Daily News pictures of the dismantling of the Old Yankee Stadium.  The 17 pictures in this sequence are just something else and I wanted to share them. Click HERE and you can scroll through the pictures. Damn, that building had some amazing memories.  I thought I'd share.

5. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number 

Well Derek Jeter finally gets some respect!! Cal Ripken, Jr. acknowledges that the critics’ have been well... too critical. Read the full interview HERE, but here is Cal's quote about Jeter: "Interesting, isn't it? All the commotion that was caused last year, and the criticism that he had lost some steps, felt familiar to me in a lot of ways... Deep inside, it had to bother him. I felt for him. I thought a lot of the criticism and the momentum that was gathering was wrong. When you're in a slump, you're in a slump... But when you get to a certain age, a slump is looked at differently, like it's an indicator your career is over. He's answered that. The way he's playing, he's not slowing down at all."   The Captain has come out swinging in 2012. Yea I think being over .400 for most of April speaks for itself, doesn’t it. So, my wish is for the critics to eat Jeter Crow IS happening! Dear Brothers' Steinbrenner and Cashman... about that contract... you might want to get those pens ready for 2013!

4. The Cubs Win!


Not so fast...Did you fail to hear the blurb that says the game is so real it's unreal? The Cubs beating the Yankees is not going to happen! Ask Theo Epstein because he certainly knows it's not easy beating the Yanks. I think this trailer should have Aerosmith's Dream On playing in the background. Casey asked me to include this in the list, not because it's Yankees related, but because everyone can relate to their team winning it all.

3. Mismatch 

Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia share socks... well accidentally anyway. However the Yanks were successful during the sock switch up game so the switch will stay permanent at least for a while. I say if it works don’t change it but I do hope you at least wash them guys. Read about it HERE.

2. Go to Bat for BULLY

Unfortunately bullying has become a big issue. So the New York Yankees are going to bat for BULLY, read HERE. Jeter, Mo, ARod, Granderson and Girardi speak out against this issue. So be a friend...don't bully.

1. Kay speaks his mind...and is hilarious!

 At the Yankees Rangers game the other night, a baseball was tossed into the stands and a kid in the stands who didn't get the ball began to cry.

Michael Kay commented on it, and I need to be honest, he was hilarious with commentary of what was happening between the couple who caught the ball and the kid and his family.  Kudos to Kay. You made me laugh!

--Kate Munrow, BYB Staff Writer

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