Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You have to wonder if Alex Rodriguez will be back stronger than ever in 2012, right? After all, he’s had plenty of time to rest, he has Torrie Wilson by his side and there is no question, with the contract he has, he’s got to start performing to live up to it.

Alex Rodriguez is a true baseball talent, there is no doubt about it. Sure, he speaks with his foot in his mouth about 70% of the time but I almost feel like we’ve seen Alex mature right in front of our eyes while in pinstripes. This is a guy that was always about himself and you know what, to some extent now, he still is, but I’ve always felt that after his tremendous 2009 playoff run, he learned a lot about “Team”. All that aside, with his recent injuries behind him, by the time we get this guy back on the field, I have no doubt he will do damage again. Yes, he may have ended both the 2010 and 2011 playoff runs with strikeouts, but that he will overcome. In 2012, don't be surprised if you see this guy cranking out 40 homers and 125 RBIs again. I see him as patient at the plate and able to use his hip and knee properly instead of babying himself because he's "unsure" if he's healthy. Alex will be back, the old, talented Alex, the one that plays the game well. The guy that impressed us as one of the top ballplayers in baseball... that guy. We need our MVP back... he’s overdue.

I’m also pretty impressed with Alex’s defense as well. If you think about it, moving from shortstop to third base is no easy task, but he did it so he could be a New York Yankee and he’s adjusted well. I've noticed a confidence in Alex at 3rd and I've only started to see it the past few years. He really has a hold on it and now that his hip is healthy, he'll only more nimble in the hot corner.

You can sit there and tell me that Alex is a waste money, that he's garbage and that he's got a bad contract. Fine, but this is a New York Yankee with real talent. Why you'd be mad at Alex for having a contract like that is puzzling, I say good for him for negotiated it. Sure, it's disgusting to think about, but he wasn't the one who offered it, the Yankees did. Why? Because they believed in him for his talent, and hopefully to bring the All-Time home run trophy back to the Bronx. In the end, I like having Alex in pinstripes. for me personally, I'm willing to put all that stuff aside and root for our guy. Alex will have a good 2012, but he'll have a great one if we get behind him. Don't you think?

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