Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Yankees have reached out to both Carlos Pena and Johnny Damon about the DH role now that Jesus Montero was shipped off to Seattle.Johnny Damon was contacted by the Yanks, according to Jon Heyman... read his Tweet HERE. We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue love the idea of having Johnny Damon back in pinstripes. Sure, he's not as quick as he used to be, but he can still run, he's familiar with Yankee Stadium, he's a fan favorite and he still has a bat. Utilizing his lefty bat could prove valuable, especially to bring back Damon's Deck and especially for a 1 year deal. If you haven't seen our piece on Damon, check it before you wreck it... WHY IT'S NOT OVER FOR JOHNNY...DAMON.
MLB has tweeted that the Yankees would also consider someone like Carlos Pena about the DH role. Pena can also play 1st base if needed. Read that Tweet HERE. Pena would be a nice addition to the Yankees, although I always felt like the timing was never right. Pena was with the Yankees a few years ago but was signed to a minor league deal and eventually they let him go. He then shined with the Rays and then signed big with the Cubs. Then last year, the Yankees claimed him off waivers, read HERE, but then the Cubs pulled him back. There is no doubt the Yankees like the guy... whether or not they sign him is a different story. One thing that bothers me about Pena is he strikes out a lot. My feeling is you need a DH to hit, not K, so, we need to think this one through.Hideki Matsui is another guy that Yankee fans love and believe it or not, he's still a free agent. I wonder though, now that Johnny Damon and Carlos Pena have been contacted, would the Yankees even bother with Matsui? I love Matsui, I own a Matsui jersey, and I rarely buy jerseys. I wrote WHY HIDEKI MATSUI? WHY NOT? back in October just because I figured it would be great the see the guy back in the Bronx, it will be interesting if the Yankees do reach out to him. But who knows.

Now, I know what your thinking and I can tell you my gut feeling about it... Jorge Posada will NOT be back. I know it crossed your mind, but forget about it. Sure the Yankees have addressed it HERE, but I will tell you, there is no reason for Posada to go back on his decision to retire. Let the man stand proud and walk into the sunset, Posada is retiring... let him.

Now, I ask you, who would you choose for a Yankees DH, Johnny Damon or Carlos Pena? We'll have a poll on our site right now... vote, we want to hear from you and we'll write about it once the poll concludes.
By the way, look for a great piece by Grant Cederquist tomorrow on another great take on the Yankees DH situation.

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