Monday, October 31, 2011


Man oh man, life would be so much easier if every contract was involving CC Sabathia. That big lug just makes me smile from ear to ear.

The New York Times has it here: "Sabathia, 31, agreed to a one-year extension worth $30 million for 2016 plus a vesting option for 2017 worth $25 million if he stays healthy, according to a person who had seen the terms of the agreement but was not allowed to speak publicly on the matter.

With the extension, Sabathia is guaranteed $122 million over the next five years." Read the full story HERE.

Sabathia did one of the coolest things, he announced it first on YouTube, watch it here:

I have to sit back an laugh. In this world of baseball analysts and "insiders", 80% percent of it is bunk. I may be a blogger, but I can make an educated guess just like the rest of them. The reality in this entire scenario is... and I'll bold this for you... NO ONE REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING. They can sit there and speculate or say they heard that CC will opt-out, or that the Yankees low-balled CC, or that CC doesn't really like New York, but the reality was CC Sabathia is the only one that truly knew what he wanted to do.
Like I've stated here at Bleeding Yankee Blue... CC isn't about the money. Sure, he's making millions on this deal, but what I mean simply is he meshes good with the Yankees and this was about comfort for the Sabathia family the whole time. True, his agent was smart to work in the "opt-out" into his contract, because if the past 3 years truly sucked, CC would have walked. But 1 championship and 3 postseasons later, there is something truly there between CC and the Yankees...Love. Love for the team and love for the fans and they and WE love him back. We love having CC, we want him here, and we're glad he's here.

I'm tell you this and then I'll stop patting myself on the back. I know personalities and I have good instincts. While CC and his agent kept it close to the vest until the deadline was looming, I knew CC was giving the Yankees a signal when he appeared on Anderson Cooper 2 weeks ago and I wrote about it in YANKEES RUMORS & BYB: PART 1. Sabathia didn't have to say anything and many missed it, but I got it. No major leaguer wears their uniform out of the stadium. No way. Not at a charity event, not at a speaking engagement and damn sure not on TV unless they're in a ballgame. CC was offering a signal to the Yankee brass that day. It was, "I love New York, just make me a fair offer and you have me for life."

Thank God CC Sabathia is coming back. Thank you CC, I can't wait for you to lead the charge in 2012. Now, finally, the Yankees can get down to business and build our 2012 roster. Every sigh with happiness... CC Monster is coming back to the Bronx.

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