Monday, October 31, 2011


Boone Logan lasted through another Yankee season and much like Joe Girardi’s fascination with Sergio Mitre in the past, I feel like he has a strange attachment to Boone Logan. Look, I’m not going to sit here and hammer Logan for 2011. I feel like the guy has good and bad moments. One thing Logan was not, was stellar. Getting out a lefty didn't really work for him, even though it was his job. I have always felt that another lefty in the Yankees bullpen would help. I've said it for a while now. Anyway, these are Logan's numbers this season:

5-3 3.46 ERA / 41.2 IP / 46 K / 13 BB / 16 ER / WHIP 1.344

I'll tell you what, and I know he’s gone, but I liked the small batch of Raul Valdes that I saw down the stretch for the Yanks. He impressed me quite a bit and I wanted to see more of the guy. In fact, I suggested he be part of the ALDS Roster. Read WHY I KNOW THE YANKEES 2011 ALDS ROSTER, I made my case there. Here are his numbers as a Yankee:

6 G / 2.70 ERA / 6.2 IP / 8 K / 2 BB / 2 ER/ WHIP 1.500

So, who’s out there that the Yankees could snatch up? Here's the list of Free Agents that could be interesting:Hideki Okajima

Brian TalletDarren Oliver

John Grabow

Dennys Reyes

Also, earlier in the year, I was even so desperate, I suggested the Yankees bring in Scott Kazmir, let him pitch to one or 2 batters every few games and train the guy to become a specialist and a reliever. I could have been a diamond in the ruff. It also could have blown up in our faces, but many starting pitchers have reinvented themselves that way and I was convinced Kazmir could have done the same. Kerry Wood did it and that guy's been to hell and back. I’m just saying, lefty pitching in the pen is important and I don’t believe 1 works, I just believe 2 helps tremendously... you can mix and match.

So, Who would you choose for the extra Yankee lefty in the pen? Comment and tell us who and why. We love to hear from you.

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