Saturday, October 29, 2011


According to Andrew Marchand HERE, both sides, CC Sabathia and the New York Yankees are looking to get a deal done by the end of the weekend. I have written extensively here on BYB giving you scenarios as well as offering confidence that CC Sabathia likes New York and wants family comfort before a gazillion dollars, because let's face it, he already has gazillion dollars. The main thing now is making sure the Sabathia family feels comfortable where they're at...NYC. I also made a leap suggesting that in an appearance on Anderson Cooper last week, CC showed up wearing a Yankee jersey and that only means one thing. It's an unspoken gesture to Yankee brass..."I want to be in the Bronx." Read WHY IT'LL BE AN OFFER SABATHIA CAN'T REFUSE. Let's face it, players don't wear their work uniform out, you know what I mean?

Now, back to Marchand's piece. He writes:

"The Yankees know that Sabathia is currently irreplaceable. In his three years with the Yankees, he has won 59 games and led them to the 2009 World Series.

If the Yankees were to finish Sabatha's contract sooner than later, it would also allow them to more smoothly execute the rest of their offseason plan."

"Sabathia's new contract is expected to top Lee's average annual salary. The question that both sides need to fully hash out comes down to the years on the contract.

It would seem likely that Sabathia would want at least a six-year deal in the $150 million-range. If he wanted to go further than that, it could force him to go test free agency and present an offer for the Yankees to match.

But Sabathia has always placed a high importance on winning. Up-and-coming teams like the Washington Nationals or the Toronto Blue Jays could make a high offer, but Sabathia has shown no willingness to want to play in either place. If a team like the Texas Rangers were to be aggressive, then Sabathia may have to consider it. The Rangers were only willing to go to six years and $120 million for Lee last year."

Stay tuned right here Ladies and Gentlemen... hopefully CC stays in the Bronx... where he belongs.

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