Saturday, September 24, 2011


We've all heard of, or perhaps seen, couples that don't quite match up. But in this crazy, mixed up world, we don't always choose who we love- love chooses us. The diversity of the United States has brought a colorful flavor to American romance- there are May-December romances, and interfaith, cross-cultural relationships are more the norm now than ever before. But there is one relationship that continues to baffle us all, the philosophical differences of each partner are so extremely different, it's a wonder that they ever get past the first date. This love connection is so confusing and so mis-matched, it stands to stump Dr. Ruth, Dr. Phil, and any other so-called "relationship expert" that we rely upon for advice.

Yes, baseball fans. I'm referring to Yankee fan/Red Sox fan relationship. (gasp!) It happens. Yes. Like a modern-day "Romeo and Juliet", this is the couple that, despite all of the differences and the anger the relationship causes their baseball families, are so attracted and drawn to each other that they're willing to put the "curse" aside in the pursuit of true love.

So let's put our judgmental opinions aside for a moment and offer support to these couples, shall we? After all, it does serve the greater good and it feels good to do that sometimes. Here are some survival tips for these mismatched couples to help ease the bumps in the road when the Yankees face the Sox:

1. Bet- Bets can always be fun, and a way to produce a win/win situation should either party lose. For example, the stakes could be money, buying the winner dinner, or any other activity that can spark your interest. Try it. It might not be so bad.

2. Play "Strikeout Poker"- For every opposing batter that strikes out at the plate, the loser must give or give up something. Use your imaginations here; this is a family website.

3. Play "Spin the Batter"- For every batter that gets spun at the plate, the loser offers to do the winner's chores for the next day, a kiss, etc. Be creative.

4. "Home Run Derby"- 'Nuff said.

5. "Error Truth or Dare"- For every error made by the opposing team, the loser must submit to a truth or dare.

6. "Hit the Cycle"- Should a batter hit for the cycle, the fan of the opposing team gets a "punch buggy" hit to the arm. Be gentle. Although hitting for the cycle doesn't happen that often, the object here is to have fun, not beat the crap out of one another.

7. "Double Play"- For every double play successfully executed, the fan of the losing team must wear the jersey of the team that executed the play for the next inning.

There are so many creative ways for Yankees/Red Sox couples to get through a game against each other. Make it fun, creative, and for the sake of all of your friends, please keep it to yourself. No sense in stirring up trouble with either fan base. So if you are reading this and involved with a Red Sox fan, try some of these ideas for the next series. Let love rule...but GO YANKEES!

--Christy Lee, BYB Staff Writer

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