Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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G.G.S. kicked ass. No other way of putting it. Our outfield consisting of Gardner, Granderson and Swisher showed everyone that when our field guys are healthy and slump free, we will kick the crap out of you. Well, they did and with the help of CC Sabathia, it was a beautiful night in the Bronx.

Brett Gardner was 3 for 4 tonight. He had 4 RBI's and scored 3 times. That's the kind of production you want from this guy, and finally, he's starting to deliver.(Photo: Getty)
Curtis Granderson hit his 21st home run tonight and if it was 1961, Mantle would have 22 and Roger Maris, I believe would have had 26. (I need to check that, don't kill me if I'm wrong.) Granderson was 2 for 4 tonight and scored 2 runs himself and also collected 4 RBIs. Monster year? I'd say so. Everyone needs the Grandy potion.(photo: AP)
Nick Swisher, the 3rd part of G.G.S. went 2 f or 3 with a home run, his 6th, as well as a double. he also scored 2 runs. Looks like the Bronx Elvis is on his way. Thank God. Damn it Swish, where've you been? By the way, read G.G.S. is A.O.K. I explain how if the outfield was clicking, it would be pure heaven for us Yankee fans. Tonight... they were clicking fo sho.
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CC Monster just got win number 8 and what can you say but the ace is back. CC knows that men are down and injured in Yankeeland, and when that happens, you can count on the big guy to pick up the ball club. Dominance reigns and he does it best. CC went 7 inning, gave up 8 hits and allowed just 4 runs. When you have the lead he had, he could have pitched the 6th inning blindfolded and he would have been OK. Yes, it's true, 12 runs is excessive, but if you know me, and by now you do, I like a good pile-on by the New York Yankees any day of the week.

Final Score tonight: Yankees 12 - Rangers 4. 4 wins out of 5... I'll take that Yankees... thank you.

And one final note. Derek Jeter was placed on the 15 day DL with a groin strain. It is a Grade 1 groin strain. Let's hope he times it right and get's those 6 hits to reach 3000 at home in the Bronx. To me, that would be the ultimate iconic tribute ever.

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