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There is no doubt, the S in GGS is about to make a power run. Swisher feels more comfortable at the plate and you can see it in his eyes and in his body language. We all know Swisher’s following, including Swisher himself. He is the Bronx Elvis as BYB refers to him. I was trying to think back to a Yankee player that has been here for such a short time, yet attracted so many fans so quickly.
  • Sal Fasano: He was here for 3 minutes back in 2006, but that was more of a mustache fascination than anything else. Yes, he was supposed to be a smart catcher, but the talent never translated to the field. I feel bad even trying to compare him to Swisher, because Swisher’s on a totally different level. That being said, I dug Sal.
  • Aaron Small: Aaron had his moment in pinstripes and 10 wins later in 2005, he definitely won over the fans, but again, it wasn’t on the Swisher level.
  • Felix Heredia? OK I’m joking. It’s true, I can’t think of anyone as big as Nick.

Swisher came to New York under the radar the same year Teixeira, CC Monster and AJ Burnett came over and no one talked about the guy. I knew what he was capable of but the world was wrapped up with Tex and Co. and no one gave Swisher a thought. 3 years later, I feel like he may be more popular to the fans than the others. Why? Personality.

The WE WANT NICK SWISHER TO HOST SNL FB group is growing and you need to join that group. Just click on the link and join. Beth Hucke runs the operation and she means business. (Read our BYB EXCLUSIVE interview with Beth by clicking the link.) And why not, Nick Swisher has the energy and ability to get on Saturday Night Live and anything else he wants to do. He believes in himself and we believe in him.

The point is, Nick Swisher knows slumping too long isn’t good for business, isn’t good for the fans and isn’t good for his future in pinstripes. Plus, he wants to contribute to his team. His energy translates to the energy in Yankee Stadium. He’s hitting and we’re happy. When he’s not, we’re unhappy, it’s that simple. Finally, Nick Swisher is hitting and with it, comes the cheers and the smiles and Swish is on top of the world, that translates to us and we couldn't be happy for the guy. (Photo: Tim Farrell/Star Ledger)

One thing I noticed being a Yankee fan all my life is, when a Yankee player sucks enough, calls for “Dump him” or “bench him” get shouted from thte stands to the field. To be honest, I have never heard that about Nick Swisher, EVER. There is something about this guy; people just want him to succeed, almost as if, if he were to leave the Bronx, the clubhouse's energy would disappear with him. The energy on the field would disappear; The heart would disappear from the Yankees. It’s my opinion that no one wants this guy to leave and I would bet that if I were to ask several of you if you’d like Swisher to retire a New York Yankee, 80% of you would want it.

Energy, Heart, Grit and Swish; That’s the perfect recipe for success for Nick Swisher’s future in the Bronx. Fans love him and he loves the fans. Nick's on a hot streak and let's hope it lasts all summer and all October, because hs hot bat in the lineup can really help our New York Yankees.

Now, if we could only get Swish to RT us on Twitter, we’d be a whole lot happier. Come on Nick, @BleednYankeeBlu … hit me on the Twitter, everyone at Bleeding Yankee Blue wants you to succeed, we believe in you pal.

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