Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Brewers are in town and to me, I automatically think about Robin Yount, Paul Moliter and the days when the Brewers were in the American League. I swear, they were. Robin Yount was such a terrific ballplayer, and had this thick mustache of blonde and wavy hair sticking out of his cap and he just looked like a Brewer, much like Corey Hart does these days with the beard. We’re talking Brewer by day, Lumberjack by night.

(In Photo: Robin Yount)

The Yankees on the other hand are the clean cut group of guys that have the tradition and pride for the pinstripes. We don’t have long hair. Players that come to New York have trimmed mustaches, shaved beards and an image that represents class. Now, I am in no way slamming the Brewers who are coming into the Bronx tonight as being shaggy and unkempt. I’m merely stating the fact that I equate the Yankees to military type thinking; you keep your locker clean, you tuck in your uniform and you groom yourself before you get out on the battlefield and try and kick the crap out of the enemy. I like it.

The Red Sox are a perfect example of players letting themselves go. Beards, long hair, scruff… to me, that’s not bad ass, that's bad hygiene. All I’m saying is the New York Yankees have pride in the pinstripes and when they lineup with their clean cut image, crisp, tucked in spotless uniforms, they are representing a universe of fans that have long cheered for their warriors all the way back to the days of Babe Ruth.

The Brewers have incredible talent and image has nothing to do with it. Rickie Weeks, Zack Grienke (see I told you he wouldn’t be a Yankee, read WHY GRIENKE WONT BE A YANKEE), Prince Fielder, son of Cecil and Corey Hart are no slouches. They can be dominant and the Yankees need both good pitching from AJ tonight as well as hotness to continue for Poe Poe and Swish. If that happens, there is no doubt the Yankees will win the series against these guys. Grienke can be beat and we have the team to do it. So let's go boys...clean shaven and all.

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