Monday, March 28, 2011


Kevin Millwood is in Yankees camp. He's ready and he was interviewed. This quote is courtesy of Wallace Matthews of ESPN.

“Now it’s just try to get ready, do what they want me to do and see where it takes me. If that’s all they’ve got, that’s all they’ve got…Obviously, I’d prefer to be a starter and go that way, but we’ll see what happens.”

For all of the press that hyped up Millwood and Boras as "holding out" for the Major League contract and all this press of Millwood's "ego demanding more", it all seems to have gone away at this moment. Kevin Millwood had me at hello. He actually sounds like a New York Yankee.

Look, I know what Kevin Millwood’s capable of and I like that the Yankees made the offer they did and he accepted. It was a smart offer as far as I'm concerned because Millwood's got to perform now. If he does, he'll get a job somewhere on the team...beautiful.

Millwood can and will be a helpful pitcher this season especially with injury prone guys like Garcia and Colon. The Yankees are clearly worried about how long Freddy and Dr. Chubby can last during a full season, so that's why Millwood arrived. Cashman played the waiting game correctly with Kevin. Hopefully it all pays off.

Now, I’ve always said stockpiling pitchers is what the Yankees needed to do this winter, especially because they lost out on the big fish, Cliff Lee. To me, it makes sense and it's a cheap alternative. I’m looking forward to Millwood making the team and contributing, I know he will, plus, his positive attitude just made me smile.

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