Saturday, March 26, 2011


Two days ago, I received my weekly subscription of ESPN the magazine and it was the baseball preview issue. I was very excited to see how the experts predicted the Bombers would finish this year. After turning to the AL East section, I see something completely outrageous:

The obvious one was he chose the Sox to win the AL East. Big surprise, who hasn't done that?
Then, for the AL Wild Card, he chose the TAMPA BAY RAYS, that's when I vomited in my mouth.

Yes, that's right, the Friggin' Tampa Bay Rays. The team that unloaded half of it's roster and that is clearly in rebuilding mode. The Rays lost the following key players this offseason:
The Rays basically lost the whole middle of their lineup, their closer, and in my opinion their second best starter from last year, David Price was first or course.

So, really Buster Olney? Really? Do you really think the Tampa Bay Rays team they currently have on the field, the team that was downgraded, can beat out the New York Yankees, who won the World Series just 2 years ago and virtually the same core of players, like A-Rod, who's now at full strength, Jeter, who's bound to bounce back to .300 and Tex? Not to mention a hot as hell Cano?

I don't see it. Not even close Buster, come on! Even with the rotation the Yankees have announced today, we still have a better shot than what the Rays have, no doubt.
Do me a favor, don't you be a Yankee hater too, or am I too late?

--Will Cohen, BYB Staff Writer

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