Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Gardner, Granderson and Swisher. G.G.S. An outfield built on speed and power and an outfield I'd pick over many other teams as well. Let's break it down:
  • Brett Gardner. Gardner is clearly on his way to stealing the most bases ever as a New York Yankee. As long as he gets at bats, stays healthy and gets on base, there is no reason he can't have an incredible career as the Bronx historic speedster. In 3 seasons with the Yanks, Brett has 86 stolen bases. His OBP was .383 in 2010. He was third in the American League with 47 stolen bases in 2010. On the all time Yankees list, he's 36th. That may sound ridiculously low, but the reality is the all-time leader is Ricky Henderson with 326. Next on the list is Derek Jeter with 323. If Brett averages 50 stolen bases a year, he'll break that record in 5 years. That's sick, right? HERE'S THE LIST. Not only that, is there anything this guy can't do in the field? His grit and ability in the outfield is pure dominant when compared other outfielders. What do you want in the outfield, Manny or a Venus fly trap. The dude's alright in my book.
  • Curtis Granderson. The Gentleman, as I fondly refer to him has the speed and power. In my opinion, once this guy gets going, we'll see comfort and confidence. We'll see more running intertwined with that home run swing this year. In 1 season with the Yankees he batted .247. That sucks. But what people don't remember is the late surge, the hot playoffs and the Kevin Long classes to fix his moving parts in the batter's box. Look, Curtis is a lifetime .268 hitter, but the power is there, a career 126 home runs and 79 stolen bases. And, While he had just 12 stolen bases for the Yankees last year, he have had 20 or more twice with the Tigers. Expect some running now that he's in a groove. Plus, his outfield ability is truly exceptional and there's no reason NOT to compare him to Bernie Williams. Now, wait a second, I'm not just irresponsibly throwing Curtis up on Bernie's pedestal. Relax. I'm clearly saying he has the tools to be just as great as Bernie Williams, if of course Grandy stays healthy and is with the Yankees for a long time. He has the tools; Speed, Power and Talent.
  • Nick Swisher. Love him. Loved him with the Athletics and I was thrilled when he came to the Bronx. True, the fielding isn't fooling anyone, but Nick's sweet bat can win a game for the Yanks a many many time. Switch hitting and confidence seeping from his pores, this guy knows his job and without a doubt delivers all the time. I would however like him to strike out less. Hopefully Long worked with him on that as well. Now, Swish doesn't run a lick, and we knew that about him when we signed him, but concentrate on that bat. 58 home runs with the Yankees in 2 years and had 171 RBIs. His career home run numbers are 162 home runs in 9 years and every year he averages 20 or more and back in 2006, he even had 35. That's power, plus, over the winter, working with Kevin Long may have revitalized the guy. I expect him to be on a tear this year.
G.G.S. 3 outfielders that can easily stack up against other top outfields around the league. Don't agree? Give me a comparison. I'd love to hear it.

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  1. Gardner: a few homeruns from being crawford
    granderson: much better than ellisbury
    Swisher: younger than drew

    I agree they can go up against anybody


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