Friday, January 21, 2011


"He's not open to persuasion. He's made a decision and it's more about if he changes his mind. I don't want to change someones heart. He knows at the same time how dedicated, how committed, how much effort it takes. His heart has got to be in it, he's got to be all in. And if it's not, then it's in everybody's best interest for him not to play, including himself. Only he can make that decision." - - Brian Cashman

Is that Brian Cashman hinting that Andy Pettitte's not coming back? Or is that Brian Cashman being honest with Yankee fans and slowly letting us down easy. It's tough to say but the word on the street is, Pettitte is "working out."

We know what thing, being around family for long can do 2 things; It can eventually drive you bonkers where you just HAVE to leave, or it makes you realize what you've been missing. Yes, the Yankees are Andy's second family, but his real family is what matters most. I know, I know, I'm stating the obvious. But what's my point?

Point is, at the end of the day, Andy Pettitte will be back in pinstripes. It won't be because his family ultimately drove him nuts and he had to get out of Texas, it will be because he loves the game of baseball. Andy sees what's been going on lately, the Yanks are slowly building. It took a while, but they're doing it. Cliff Lee, in my opinion, would have made Andy's decision to come back much easier. Remember when Andy said "I hope the Yankees get Lee?" Not signing anyone would have made it worse, Andy would have retired. Making an effort signing decent ballplayers like Soriano and Jones freshens the pot, and I think Andy comes back.

Besides, if he really really didn't want to play, there would have been some sort of press conference, some type of agreement with the Yankees that he's signing, but then retiring as a Yankee (Jeff Nelson did that a few years back.) Something. I believe that Andy Pettitte would never ever just say goodbye through the press and never say a TRUE goodbye to the New York Yankee Fans. EVER. No Way. The guy has too much class and too much pride to ever do something so foolish. So get it out of your head.

The latest information from Yankeeland is we are hearing that Joe Girardi said that Pettitte "was throwing". He said Andy was beginning to work to get into "baseball shape". Why? They say he's doing that so if he decides he wants to come back, he's not out of shape. Sound ridiculous? You're not buying it? I am. Because I know the last thing I want to do is work out if my hearts not in it. Andy's heart is in it. Trust me. Andy's getting his groove back. Andy's coming back.

So why is Mr. Pettitte jerking us around? Actually, he's not. Look, a few years ago, no one remembers, but he didn't agree to a contract with the Yankees until January 26th. Right now it's January 21st. While it seems like forever, like he's stringing us along, he's not. Prediction? January 27th, 28th, maybe the 29th, but I have a feeling a decision's coming. And I have a feeling it's a good decision.

So as we wind down from the terrific week of East coast snow, the signings of Rafael Soriano and Andruw Jones, let's all rest our heads on our pillows tonight and dream. Let's dream a happy dream of a solid rotation and focused Yankee players, warming up in Tampa. Dream of them confident, prepared and ready to win number 28 for their hungry fans. And then, out of the corn husks in center field... Andy Pettitte shows up... and he's ready to play one more time.

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