Thursday, June 6, 2019


There is nothing I like more than a dude that walks to the beat of his own drum.

I don't care about corporate enterprises and acting like you been there before.  If a player has the passion and desire to be great in his own shoes... he should do it no matter what! That's Clint Frazier to me!

Clint Frazier is a boss, because Clint Frazier doesn't take shit from anyone and I love that about him.

Now add in the fact that he can play this damn game better than anyone if he wants to.  You know why that's important? Because it doesn't matter if it's T-ball, high school or the pros.  A passion for the game matters. He's got that folks. He's been getting ripped by the press pretty good these days, I see it, but I think one thing pretty significant has happened; He's getting angrier. Not because he made a mistake more times than he wanted to.  No... he'd pissed because the press... the mighty press of New York won't lay off this guy.  It's embarrassing... it sucks actually. The press is piling on.

Now I'm not ripping on all press for voicing their feelings. I certainly adore Suzie Pinstripe and her thoughts here on BYB about Clint Frazier. (Read FRAZIER IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FORGETTABLE YANKEE ) In fact, freedom of speech is what makes Yankee sites like this work.  You all know us here... we don't BS you. We don't censor either. If a player sucks or we don't like a player we're gonna tell you! But that goes both ways... if we love them, we will tell you that too.

I don't tell my writers what to write. I want them to feel what they are writing and go from there.  Did we hurt our chance of interviewing Clint Frazier down the road here on BYB? Yes we did and that sucks, because as you know I love this dude.  But I'm not going to halt a writer if they are honest about how they feel.

People got on Suzie's case today for hating on Frazier. I guess they don't like negative opinions against their Yankees. Hey... tough. We did not censor. I said it again! That's the press, folks.  As a fan... she doesn't like the guy.  I do however... and this may be another post for another time but that's what makes Bleeding Yankee Blue so great. Vast opinions!

But then we get back to Clint. The dude with the chip on his shoulder. He's a dude that has the world crashing down around him. Here's the thing though... that will make him stronger.  This pressure? He'll eat it up, chew it hard and spit it out. Clint's a baller. Clint don't take shit from no one. That's because Clint Frazier will be a solid baseball player with the Yankees when he goes his opportunities. Confidence is key.

All this garbage about him making a bad play, stop.  All this garbage about him not talking to the press and that he HAS to do it... are you guys kidding? He doesn't have to talk to anyone!  Clint Frazier is confident in a game of failure. That's all he is. Anyone that makes it more than that doesn't understand baseball and doesn't understand what confidence is!

Give this kid a chance! Stop trashing this dude.  Sure, he 100% doesn't fit the Yankee mold of corporate and prestige.  SO?

You know what's interesting though when you really think about it? Neither does a guy like Luke Voit, the rowdy tattoo wearing wacko who cranks out home runs and screams to the fans when he hits dingers.  

Neither does Aroldis Chapman, the guy that had to serve time for whatever domestic incident he dealt with last season. You can pick and choose and knock down whomever you want, but it doesn't mean a thing. Clint Frazier is still a New York Yankee and Clint Frazier, given the right opportunity and more playing time, CAN be what we all will soon love... you just gotta give this dude a shot.

It's funny. Everyone loved the guy with his wavy red hair when he was traded to the Yankees a while back. We all thought he was the next big thing. But I don't know... maybe it wasn't happening fast enough for all you haters. Maybe when he told the world that he didn't like the nickname 'Red Thunder', you all got annoyed with him. But here's the thing; Frazier isn't some circus clown that you can kick around.

He's a Yankee and he's a damn good one.

He just needs time. Sure you can suggest he needs to mature alittle… fine. But he's still a Yankee... and he's still confident enough to play the game as hard as he can out there whenever he's given his shot.

And you know what I say to that? Let the man play.

Go Clint, go! I got your back, dog!

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  1. I agree , I think given time he will be an above average defender in LF and you know what he has a lot better arm than Gardner who if he had Frazier's arm would had cut the runner down at home last night but did you see how it just turtled to the plate late yet he fielded it with plenty of time.
    Now don't get me wrong Gardy has been an up and down Yankee and only in the last few years he got gold glove talk for LF not CF which he played until Ellsbury ( whatever happened to that guy) came over and then the Hicks trade . Hey I remember when Hicks took some strange routes to fly balls but you know what ? He figured it out by playing every day and if Frazier gets a chance so will he.
    I like the kid , Judge and Frazier bring energy to a dull group of players.
    Plays LF everyday I see 30 -35 Homeruns a .270 average and a better overall arm than Gardner.
    We could have Ellsbury instead of Frazier playing the OF.( ewe)
    Go Yankees , Go Frazier


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