Thursday, February 28, 2019


Source: NY Post/Charles Wenzelberg

I am absolutely sick and tired of critics continually picking on Miguel Andujar's presumably poor defense at third base.  The headline on SNY reads, "What's next for Yankees now that Nolan Arenado is no longer an option?" and the first line of the post by Chris Carelli said, "Manny Machado landed in San Diego, Nolan Arenado is staying in Colorado, and the Yankees are running out of backup plans if Miguel Andujar doesn't live up to the club's expectations in 2019." Really?  We are going here again? Lay off Andujar and let the kid do his job!

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The article went on to say that the Yankees could explore other options at the "hot corner" with guys like Josh DonaldsonDJ LeMahieu (who the Yankees could platoon with Andujar from time to time), and Anthony Rendon. I think all of this is premature.  Let the guy show you what he has and how he worked religiously in the off season to improve his skill set at third base.


"After making 15 errors a year ago and getting benched in Game 4 of the ALDS against the Red Sox for Neil Walker, Andujar’s defense is a high priority in Yankees camp," reported The New York Post.

Spring Training coach Willie Randolph has been working with the runner up for Rookie of the Year and likes what he sees.  "So I think he got into a thing last year where, ‘I’ve just got to stop the ball.’ This spring already, (infield instructor Carlos) Mendoza is doing a great done with Andujar. He’s got him on the balls of his feet. He’s pouncing. He’s got rhythm. And he’s dancing now. Dancing! You have to be a dancer when you play third base especially," reported

Source: Sporting News

Bottom line, give the guy a chance.  He committed 15 errors over 149 games. And he knows it and he doing something about it. Another rookie who hasn't gotten nearly the amount of criticism that Andujar has over his fielding is Rafael Devers.  Devers committed 24 errors over 116 games.  So, let's see what Andujar can do in 2019 and leave the kid alone to do it.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


  1. I so agree leave him alone he is very talented and can play The Hot Corner quit trying to move into left field or first base or designated hitter just let the kids play this can't be good for his ego always talking about somebody else playing third base it's got to mess with his mind let him play ball quit picking on him you are so right I need to leave him alone I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees this

  2. Tup leave the guy alone he should have been the rookie of the year


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