Saturday, November 24, 2018


I don't believe what I just read, but I guess they want to do this thing face to face to see just how impressive Manny Machado really is.  I mean look, Manny dogs it when he plays, and you know what? That's not to just target him. Plenty of dudes that make a lot of money know they can still make a lot of money if they dog it.  Machado was just amplified during the playoffs because everyone knew he wanted the play for the Yankees.

But since his spectacle, or... spectacles in the playoffs, Yankeeland has cooled and we aren't too jazzed about Machado in pinstripes. Some are... but many are not.

Look, I love the guy, I've seen him play against the Yankees for years, but not only that, I've seen the dude play in Camden Yards, against the Angels, against the Red Sox.  He's a good player. No doubt.  But... what IS in doubt is his personality. Is he a true leader? Does he have what it takes to win over us fans.  Is he going to play hard for a long time? That's what Hal wants to know.  But there's more...

First impressions are key and if this happens, Hal will be looking at everything. How he presents himself. How Manny looks Hal in the eyes on the beginning of that meeting.  If he's going to get cagey or defensive when it comes to talking about hustle. Is Manny going to prove to Hal that he's a leader? All these things matter in this possible meeting.  Anyway... if you have no idea what I'm talking about... here's a portion of that New York Post article:

"As Steinbrenner said during the owner’s meetings earlier this month, he wants a meeting with Machado — although the comments to YES were made before Machado attempted to walk back his comments from October this week in an interview with 

'There needs to be a sit-down before we’re comfortable,’ Steinbrenner said. 'But again, we’re looking at three or four guys right now, whether [it’s] free agents or potential trades, where makeup issues and work-ethic issues are always a concern. And that’s always a part [for] any person we’re going to bring into this environment.'”

Hal's extending his hand, but making it known publicly that Manny needs to impress to even be considered. And so, that's is where we're at. And you know what? I tip my cap to Hal to extend that. That's what real men do.  We don't talk about each other behind our back. We meet face to face and ask the tough questions and hope his first impression is good.

I look forward to this. I want to see a meeting happen. I want to see what comes out of it. It's exciting.

Nice work Hal. Make it happen.

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