Monday, November 26, 2018


Interesting turn of events here. So before the Yankees traded top prospect Justus Sheffield to the Mariners for James Paxton, the Yankees may have had their eyes on a completely different prize, read more HERE. Pitching is Brian Cashman's focus, but the Yankees are also looking for another upgrade.

So it makes sense that the Yankees turn their attention to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Yankees have put their faith in Greg Bird for awhile now, and it hasn't panned out for them. Then came Luke Voit who had an impressive 39 game audition so to speak. He had some huge moments for us, but either the Yankees aren't sold on Voit as an everyday first baseman, or the Yankees saw a good opportunity to pounce on a bigger fish named Paul Goldschmidt.

We first wrote about Goldschmidt earlier this month in THE YANKEES HOT STOVE IS FIRING UP! We said he would be an interesting name to watch, and he could've been an interesting name that the Yankees traded for. He's an All-Star, powerful bat and a much better defender then Bird or Voit. The Yankees were "pushing" Sheffield's name in trade talks and were hoping he would be a centerpiece to get Goldschmidt in pinstripes. The Yankees have options at first base, but but there is no denying Goldschmidt would be an upgrade, and Cashman knows it too.

"Obviously we had a first baseman that we acquired late in the year that played really well for us. He's currently manning that position. Voit will have a chance to reclaim his spot, or reinforce that that's his spot. And Bird will have a chance to try to take it from him. We'll see," said Cashman.

The Diamondbacks are reportedly "intent" on trading Goldschmidt who is one year away from free agency. It sounds like a rebuild is on the way in Arizona now that Patrick Corbin and A.J. Pollock are free agents this year. The Yankees saw the opportunity and went for it, but it sounds like the Cardinals and the Astros are front runners.

So what does this say about everyone involved?

Photo: New York Post
It sucks to lose Sheffield because we have been following him for so long. He was projected to be a starter for us, but obviously there is still work to be done. The command needs work. The Yankees are in "win now" mode for the next two seasons. They went with the more sure-fire bet with Paxton. He's definitely not a guarantee, there is some risk there but he is a damn good pitcher that makes the Yankees rotation better.

More importantly, if the Yankees were so sure that Sheffield was going to be front of the rotation type guy....they wouldn't have been so eager to trade him for a one-year rental at first base that they could just sign if they waited for one more year. They valued one year of Goldschmidt over Voit, Bird and Sheffield. Tough to hear, but true.

Photo: Sports Illustrated
It sounds like the Yankees are ready to give Voit a chance to steal the everyday first baseman job that Bird previously won, but not been able to hold for a while now. He earned the opportunity, but it's not unreasonable to see why the Yankees would be uneasy about his ability to effective the entire season. Voit had an impressive six weeks, but he was a 27 year old minor leaguer that got hot at the right time. Was he just a late bloomer? Can he be the everyday guy?

We love Voit here at BYB. We also loved Sheffield, but this just goes to show that the Yankees are willing to make upgrades anywhere they can. Would you have preferred Sheffield for Goldschmidt over Sheffield for Paxton?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


  1. I still prefer Bird, hear me out on this.While Voit home runs were a thing to watch and his excitement he doesn't hit very many doubles while Bird hits home runs and doubles and draw walks .So if the Bird man could stay healthy I think he would be the better all around choice.
    Before I would sign any relievers I would give DRob a chance to return .He can pitch in NY and not everyone can.

  2. Bird had that big spring two years ago, and then was hurt and then horrible last year... Voit had a big six weeks and has earned the shot at first this spring... concentrate on pitching and leave everything else alone.... please!

  3. Bird hasn’t stayed healthy. Then when he played pressed too hard & lost his stroke.


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