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Besides the polls closing in states across the nation in the late evening hours last night, another battle ground race has come to a close.   Last night, Yankee veteran starter CC Sabathia agreed to a one-year deal to come back to the Yankees for one more season.  According to ESPN, "The New York Yankees have reached an agreement to bring back veteran pitcher CC Sabathia on a one-year, $8 million deal, according to ESPN and multiple reports. The 38-year-old lefty has played the past 10 seasons of his 18-season career with the Yankees."  

Source: NY Post

Smart move, Brian Cashman.  Naysayers might say what a waste of money given Sabathia's recent knee surgery and decline over the years, yet those who value leadership know that this was a great deal for the Yankees to bring back CC to the helm of the dugout along with incumbent outfielder Brett Gardner.

Source: NY Post

"These are known commodities," Cashman said. "We know exactly who they are in that clubhouse, who they are dealing with our press and our fans, and obviously -- most importantly -- competing on the field of play," reported ESPN.

Source: Fox News

And not to worry, about putting too much pressure on Sabathia.  Cashman is seeking free agent pitchers with both Houston's Dallas Keuchel and Arizona's Patrick Corbin on the short list.  According to, "Sabathia made 29 starts for the Yankees this season, posting a 3.65 ERA in 153 innings with 140 strikeouts. The Yankees will be hopeful that he can provide the same rotation depth in 2019, although they will doubtless continue to pursue additional starting pitching upgrades on the open market."

Source: Forbes

Good move, Yankees.  Both Gardy and CC provide experience, a level head and a powerful disposition to the team.  We need them both in the field and in the dugout, leading.  And we get them both back in those precious roles that are essential for our success in 2019.  Sabathia signs! Phew, now that is relief!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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