Saturday, November 10, 2018


Photo: New York Post
Love that the Yankees are going all out to try and find a few significant pieces for their starting rotation.  The latest one is James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners. The worry among Yankee fans is.... at what price?  Miguel Andujar's name has been thrown around a lot.

Ken Rosenthal Tweeted this:

Now Mac Josephson of Yanks Go Yard says what many fans are saying.... "Don't trade Andujar!"

Photo: Sporting News
"...if I’m Brian Cashman there’s no way in hell I’m giving up this year’s favorite for AL Rookie of the Year. I know a lot of fans would be ok with trading Andujar for an ace because they figure that would open up a spot up for the team to then sign Manny Machado. In other cases, say in a deal for Corey Kluber it might make sense for the Yanks to offer Miggy. I personally don’t want them to include him in any trades but for Paxton especially it makes zero sense."

But now we wait.  One thing about all of us writing this stuff is it's all speculation.

I don't wanna give up Andujar… but we need a starting pitching upgrade. Maybe for the right pitcher it happens... I'm not sure Paxton is the right exchange.

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