Monday, October 22, 2018


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Good 'ole Joe Girardi is still out there and looking for the right opportunity to take his first swing as manager for a new team. Good for him.

I always liked Joe. Sure he had some alleged flaws that took him out of the Yankee uniform but no one is perfect. I mean, Aaron Boone sure as hell isn't perfect yet he's still Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner's puppet. If he can keep his job there's no reason why a tenured manager with a winning record like Girardi can't find another managing gig.

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Girardi has been busy the last few weeks. Last week he met with the Cincinnati Reds for a second interview, but then withdrew his name form the list of candidates according to the Cincinnati Inquirer HERE. Sources in the organization say he was considered to be the Red's Top Choice for Manager.

So maybe he just didn't feel like the Red's were a good fit for him. It has to go both ways, right? The Red need to feel like Girardi would be a good fit for him and Girardi has to feel the same way about Cincinnati. We may never know why he withdrew his name.

We know that Girardi also interviewed with The Texas Rangers a week after he had his first interview with the Reds according to the Dallas Morning News.

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For now it sounds like Girardi will continue to work with MLB Network unless something else develops. Who knows, maybe the Baltimore Orioles will come calling next to replace Buck Showalter. That would be both funny and a little hard to watch, but who knows. It's baseball and anything is possible.

Despite what Yankee ownership thought of Joe Girardi, his record and accomplishments show that he still has something left in the tank. I think we will see Girardi manage again some day. He's just waiting out the right opportunity. There's a team out there that will benefit from Girardi's experience and it will  be bittersweet to see.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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  1. It was time for Joe to move on, I am still not sure if Aaron Boone was the right choice or if he was and his coaches were not.Either he made some dumb baseball moves or he got bad advice or both.
    I would had preferred Meulens and Righetti instead of Boone and Rotschild. With Randolph as a bench coach.
    Hey I believe I would be a better pitching coach or 3B coach than anyone the Yankees have and say that with confidence.


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