Monday, October 8, 2018


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Game three is here. It's back to home turf for the Yankees and it's one game closer to the end of this series. It's also going to be the game of Nathan Eovaldi's career and a tough test for the Yankees to pass.

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Just over two years ago Eovaldi's elbow busted while he was pitching against the red Sox wearing a Yankees uniform. My how times have changed. Now the Red Sox are counting on Eovaldi to beat his old team and the Yankees will have to find a way to beat an old friend.

The Red Sox were going to start Rick Porcello today, but they used him in relief on Friday so have decided to give him an extra day of rest. I hate the move, but I tip my cap to Alex Cora. I hate that he is using his smarts in a brilliant move against us. Not so worried about Eovaldi? Well, you should be.

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Eovaldi has had two Tommy John surgeries which may be a curse to any other pitcher, but Eovaldi has learned how to pitch effectively again after his last surgery. He rehabbed all of last year with the Tampa Bay Rays and was traded to the Red Sox in July. He's made three appearances against the Yankees that resulted in no earned runs, six hits, three walks and 13 strikeouts in 16 innings. That's a big deal. What's also a big deal his new found sharp cutter that he features. He's no longer that same old fastball or splitter guy we have come to known. Eovaldi has some new tricks up his sleeve.

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So yes, Cora is a crafty coach. I give him credit for doing his homework and making adjustments as needed. The Yankees will have a difficult test ahead of them. The good news is that since Eovaldi joined the Red Sox the Yankees have come to life and are back at full strength. Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have made a lot of noise recently.

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The Red Sox may have a lot of confidence in Eovaldi, but the Yankees also have a lot of confidence in their ace Luis Severino and their offensive abilities.

Nice move, Cora. I give credit when credit is due. Eovaldi had some success against us in the regular season but none of that matters now. We know not to underestimate any team, especially not the Red Sox. We'll be ready. Hopefully we give Eovaldi a homecoming he won't soon forget!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
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  1. This is the game we have to have, Eovaldi I am sure will be thinking none tender me, watch what I can do in the playoffs.
    Severino must bring his A game tonight, no long counts, needs to put hitters away once he gets 2 strikes and the Yankees need to score 1st to take the pressure off Severino.
    This is not the Oakland A's he's facing, these are the Red Sox and I am surprised Yankees killer Pierce has not been in the lineup.
    He has had a lot of home runs off us since he was released after a cup of coffee.
    You can tell the rookies are nervous, Andujar and Torres, Toores needs to just go with the pitches and hit the mistakes instead it looks like he is trying to kill every pitch.
    Won't the same way and Voit is a big boy, all he has to do is hit the ball but against Kimbrel he was winding up and swinging so hard the ball was past him.
    The dynasty Yankees had professional hitters and punished mistakes this team as good as it can be lacks that.
    Judge is probably the only one who could have fit with the dynasty teams of the 90's then maybe Andujar.
    Let's go Yankees and get a game up on these Red Sox.


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